Boxing beauty Shannon Courtenay ‘offered £10,000 for sweaty training socks by online pervs’ after becoming hit following pro TV debut


SHANNON COURTENAY hasn’t put a foot wrong in boxing yet, so kinky fans are offering £10,000 for her sweaty socks.

The 25-year-old Watford ace was always a hit online but, after winning her professional debut on March 23, offers have taken a twist.

Female boxing star Shannon Courtenay is preparing for her next fight on Saturday at the 02 Arena
Jamie McPhilimey – The Sun

The heavy-handed former chef is cooking up a classy reputation but it’s coming at a cost as her pride is stopping her cashing in on some silly-money deals.

After showing SunSport the latest offer on her phone, the Adam Booth-managed star said: “The support has been incredible but some of the messages have got weirder.

“I have been offered £10,000 for my socks for after the fight.

“I always get people asking to buy my gym socks, it has almost become normal to me, I get it every day. But I have too much pride to ever do it.

“The beating-people-up bit is the most normal bit about it for me, the rest is where it gets a bit weird.

“I have also had a few blokes message me to ask me to beat them up but I am not interested”.

Courtenay fights again on Saturday night at the O2, an iconic London venue that holds a couple of embarrassing memories for her, not even a month since her last fight.

I have been offered £10,000 for my socks for after the fight. I always get people asking to buy my gym socks, it has almost become normal to me, I get it every day.

Shannon Courtenay

The childhood pal of Hertfordshire king Anthony Joshua is creeping up the bill, after opening the Copper Box card last month on her pro bow, and remembers more innocent times at the Greenwich dome.

The once-chunky Malibu and coke lover said: “I’m a bit embarrassed to say but I took my sister to the O2 to see Justin Bieber and I went there with my family to see Culture Club, I cannot believe that I am boxing there, it’s crazy.

“The weigh-in is the hardest bit for me, remember I used to be the sort of person who sat around the swimming pool with a t-shirt on, that’s how ashamed I was of my body.

“Once I do that I am not too nervous and once my hands got wrapped I am just ready for business.”

If the job gets a bit bloody then Courtenay’s opponent will at least have one fan in her corner.

Book-loving sister Harriet was fuming at the beating big sis handed out to Cristina Busuioc last month but will be ringside again this weekend.

Courtenay, 25, has revealed she has had messages from fans asking to buy her socks
Jamie McPhilimey – The Sun

Remembering her points-win debut, Courtenay said: “I heard my song come on but as soon as my ring walk started, it went silent in my head.

“Just as the bell went I spotted my mum and she was crying her eyes out and so was my sister.

“But then my sister rung me afterwards and had a go at me for hitting my opponent and ‘being horrible’ to her.”

Courtenay is a childhood friend of heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua
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Courtenay beat Romanian Cristina Busuioc on her debut at the Copper Box last month
Jamie McPhilimey – The Sun



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