Boxing badboy Gervonta Davis humiliates Deontay Wilder by beating his punchbag challenge record after being called out


BOXING badboy Gervonta Davis humiliated Deontay Wilder when he responded to his punchbag challenge… and beat him with his first attempt.

The two-time featherweight champion showed off his petrifying power after he was called out by the WBC heavyweight title holder.

Gervonta Davis made it look easy as he set a new high score on the machine

Wilder cockily urged Davis and American heavyweight Dominic Breazeale to try and beat his high score on the machine.

Davis, who weighs around six stone less than the Bronze Bomber, giggled as he watched the video message on the Inside PBC Boxing show.

The 24-year-old knew he had to beat Wilder’s record 927 when he stepped forward to take his shot.

And with his first attempt, Davis registered an incredible score of 939.

Gervonta Davis silenced Deontay Wilder with one devastating punch

Show host Kate Abdo then cheekily said: “Nice, you are the leader. Deontay, I hope you’re watching.”

Breazeale, who lost to Anthony Joshua in 2016, then tried his luck on the punchbag machine.

But the American heavyweight only managed to rack up a score of 889 – before he joked that it was rigged.

In the video message to Davis, Wilder had said: “Well, well, well if it isn’t Gervonta Davis and Dominic Breazeale.

The 24-year-old scored 12 more points than the Bronze Bomber

“Welcome fellas to a place that will test your will, the bag that is placed before you will test your power and your skills.

“You see when I did it, I calculated a whopping 927 and that was only with my left hand.

“So imagine if I touched either of your chins, you bound to go to heaven.

“But that’s enough about me, it’s all about me, it’s all about you today, so step up to the plate and test your fate, let the world see if  you’ve got what it takes to be the man.”

Gervonta Davis appeared on the show alongside Dominic Breazeale

The Bronze Bomber, 33, then ended the clip by screaming his catchphrase “BOMBSQUAD” at the camera.

Heavyweight king AJ previously recorded a score of 848 when he tested the power of his punch on the Graham Norton Show.

And Ricky Hatton brought Magaluf to a standstill when he used a punchbag machine in an arcade on the strip.

Deontay Wilder massively underestimated Gervonta Davis’ power




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