Bowel cancer symptoms: How large are your stools? The poo size that could be a sign


    Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers to be diagnosed in the UK. You should consider speaking to a doctor if you find that your stools are slightly smaller than normal, it’s been revealed.

    Bowel cancer is a general term for any cancer that develops in the large bowel, and it may sometimes be known as colon or rectal cancer.

    The early warning signs of bowel cancer can be very subtle, and many people may not be aware they’re at risk.

    But diagnosing the condition early is absolutely crucial, as it improves the chances of a successful treatment.

    One of the key warning signs of bowel cancer is noticing some slight changes to your poo.

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    “In its early stages, bowel cancer may have no symptoms,” said the Cancer Council Victoria.

    “This is why screening is important to increase the chance of an early diagnosis.

    “However, many people with bowel cancer do experience symptoms.

    “These can include a change in bowel habit, such as diarrhoea, constipation or smaller, more frequent bowel movements.”

    But, just because you have constipation, or unusually small stools, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have bowel cancer.

    Constipation is very common, and most people feel constipated at some point in their lifetime.

    It could be caused by simply not eating enough fibre, or not drinking enough fluids.

    Stress could also lead to constipation, as well as not doing enough exercise.


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