Boris Johnson, how will you ensure Brexit happens on October 31 as you promised?


Answer, Boris

BORIS Johnson needs an answer tonight for the only question that really matters.

How will you ensure Brexit happens on October 31, as you have promised?

He hasn’t even got the job yet, but Boris’s first big test comes on TV tonight
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Brussels and Labour are interested only in blocking and sabotage. The EU currently refuses to improve the deal or fix the backstop. Labour, with Remainer Tories

and their puppet Speaker ­Bercow, aim to prevent No Deal.

What then, Boris?

If the answer is an election — in the hope of exposing Labour, winning back Brexit Party voters and securing a Tory majority — our apparent Prime Minister-in-waiting had better admit it.

If his answer is more delay, likewise.

A fudge won’t work. Everyone can see the problem.

He hasn’t even got the job yet, but Boris’s first big test comes on TV later.

Roring him on

TORY MPs voting for Rory Stewart today are guilty of the same self-indulgence as the nitwits who wrecked Labour by giving Corbyn his undeserved chance in 2015.

Rory Stewart will deprive the party and country of a more credible challenger
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The difference being that unless Boris implodes, Stewart won’t win when members have their say. All he might do is deprive the party and country of a more credible challenger.

Jeremy Hunt, maybe. Or Sajid Javid, who rightly says: “Rory is spending too much time appealing to Labour voters, not the Conservative membership.”

Stewart is the candidate for Lib Dem or Labour Remoaners. For supercilious Westminster bubble inhabitants who love to declare Brexit “undeliverable” and the choice of fools. Who believe only they are intellectually equipped to grasp its complexities.

They recognise Stewart, from his ­pitying smiles and exasperated head-shaking, as one of theirs.

Would they ever vote for his party? Er, no.

Stamp it out

ELEVEN years ago three men were jailed for rigging a council election in Peterborough for Labour by forging postal votes.

Of 33,998 ballots, 9,898 were postal votes – much higher than the UK average
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Later, in 2017 — despite the town voting heavily for Leave — Labour got a Corbynista Remainer elected by 607 votes.

When she was jailed for lying, the Brexit Party were hot favourites to win the by-election. But Labour, despite a Brexit policy in tatters and a candidate up to her neck in anti-Semitism allegations, somehow held on.

Of 33,998 ballots, 9,898 were postal votes, much higher than the UK average. And one of the key campaigners behind the win was Tariq Mahmood — yes, one of the jailed fraudsters of 2008.

An amazing coincidence, perhaps.  But police had better probe it thoroughly. Because if that tight by-election was fixed, it must be rerun.

Whatever happens, it’s long past time to rethink postal votes. They are wide open to criminality and unworthy of our democracy.

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