Boris Johnson goes on the attack with FIVE public events to press the flesh with voters and Tories


BORIS Johnson will go on the attack today with FIVE public events across the country to meet Tories and voters.

The frontrunner is expected to make a series of public appearances on the campaign trail today as he tries to shift the focus from his row with his girlfriend where the police were called.

Boris will go on the attack today meeting Conservatives and members of the public
Andrew Parsons

Boris will bust myths that he’s hiding from public scrutiny and trying to duck debates.

Yesterday a debate with Sky scheduled for tonight was called off as Boris refused to come.

His rival Jeremy Hunt has demanded he come and face the music with more live debates and media interviews.

So far Boris’ strategy has been to lie low and ride out the campaign to avoid any gaffes or hiccups.

But today he will take part in several events in South London and Surrey – and give a speech to hundreds of activists tonight.

He will visit a horticultural society, have afternoon tea, and a walkabout on a high-street.

Last week his campaign was rocked with the news that cops were called to the flat he shared with girlfriend Carrie Symonds after a blazing row was heard by neighbours.

Carrie was heard shouting “get off me” and “get out of my flat” during the row.

However, in a show of unity yesterday they were pictured looking close and “in love” as they were seen holding hands in a garden.

Last night in an interview with the BBC he again refused to be drawn on the row, insisting: “I do not talk about my loved ones.”

Asked what happened in Ms Symonds’ flat, he replied: “I would love to tell you about all sorts of things Laura, but I’ve made it a rule over many, many years I do not talk about stuff involving my family, my loved ones.

“And there’s a very good reason for that. That is that, if you do, you drag them into things that really is not fair on them.

“Actually I think what people want to know is what is going on with this guy?

“Does he when it comes to trust, when it comes to character, does he deliver what he says he’s going to deliver? And that is the key thing.”

A picture emerged showing the mop-haired senior Tory MP and 31 year-old Ms Symonds engaged in an intimate chat in the countryside
Boris dodged questions on girlfriend Carrie again last night in a BBC interview
Boris stopped off at a bakery last weekend on the way to the first hustings
Andrew Parsons
The frontrunner will be out and out later today to move the focus on from the row from his girlfriend
Andrew Parsons

Stepping up his criticism of his rival, the Foreign Secretary has demanded Boris engage in a head to head Tory leadership debate with him to spell out his EU exit plans clearly.

Mr Hunt said: “I think it be would catastrophic for our party to have a general election before we’ve delivered Brexit.

“We would be wiped out. It’s very important Boris is honest with people, would he or would he not have a general election to force through No Deal?”

Meanwhile, Boris tax plans have been blasted by the IFS today – who say it would benefit the wealthy the most.

Only eight per cent would be helped in the short run, they said, and it would cost many billions to raise the threshold up from £50,000 to £80,000.

Mr Johnson’s proposals to shake up national insurance would help lower earners, they insisted.

Rival Jeremy Hunt has accused him of being a ‘coward’ and running scared of debates and the media
Darren Fletcher – The Sun



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