Boohoo bans wool on ‘animal welfare grounds’ – but farmers are furious as ‘absurd’ move could actually HARM sheep


FAST fashion retailer Boohoo has revealed they will soon ban all use of wool in their clothes production on “animal welfare grounds” – but it’s gone down baa-dly with farmers.

The decision has been dubbed “absurd” by campaigners who claim the move could actually end up being more harmful to sheep.

The online retailer has promised to ‘not knowingly source any wool products’ from AW19/20

Speaking to Mail Online, a representative for The National Sheep Association said: “Wool is not a cruelly sourced product.

“In the vast majority of cases sheep are handled with care when being shorn, and are shorn for health and comfort reasons.

“The sheep industry does not condone any behaviour that falls below the highest welfare standard for the sheep.”

It has been claimed that removing the animal’s fleece is vital on welfare grounds and will not only prevent them from overheating, but also protect them from insect infestations.

Boohoo intend to transition the entire range to ‘wool-look’ products instead

The fast fashion brand hasn’t managed to pull wool over the eyes of Prince Charles either.

Nicholas Coleridge, chairman of the Prince of Wales’ Campaign for Wool, said: “The reason the Prince of Wales is so passionate about the use of wool is that it is ecologically more sound than almost any other material.

“It is reusable and natural as well as making beautiful clothes.”

Boohoo’s umbrella group, which includes BoohooMAN, PrettyLittleThing and Nasty Gal, were happy to reveal to PETA that as of autumn-winter 2019/20, “we will not knowingly source any wool products”.

You won’t be able to find a wool coat on Boohoo following the announcement

PETA supporters protested outside London Fashion Week yesterday, carrying signs that said “Wool is as Cruel as Fur”.

While the site still stocks some coats and jackets which contain a mix of real wool in the material, most of the range has already transitioned to being “wool-look” products, which are made from a mixture of polyester and viscose.

However wool is a natural, sustainable, source of yarn and clothing, unlike the plastic and polyester which is often used to make cheap clothing.

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