Blue Planet Live viewers horrified as seagull eats baby turtle moments after it’s released into the sea


ANIMAL lovers were horrified to watch a seagull snapping up a baby turtle in the background of a shot on Blue Planet Live.

Presenter Liz Bonnin was speaking about humankind’s responsibility to safeguard the tiny reptiles when the bird swooped in for the kill.

The brutal bird snapped up one of the newborn turtles just inches from the safety of the water on Blue Planet Live


Liz Bonnin was blissfully unaware that one of the hatchlings she was trying to help was being eaten just a few feet behind her[/caption]

Bonnin was reporting from Heron Island in Australia where the turtles hatch on the beach.

She says to the camera: “We’ve watched them come up to the sands of Heron to nest and we’ve also had the great privilege of watching precious new lives, little hatchlings emerging from nests and making it in the big blue.”

She then spoke with a conservationist who was holding a bucket containing six baby turtles that the team were about to release onto the shore.

Striking a passionate tone, Liz said: “These hatchlings are going to spend at least a hundred years in our oceans if all goes well — surely it’s our responsibility to safeguard their futures.”

It’s at that point the seagull can be seen flying off with one of the babies in its beak.

Stunned viewers took to social media to share their shock and disbelief at what they had just seen.

One tweeted: “Did a seagull just snatch a baby turtle as she was talking?

Another wrote: “When Blue Planet Live is making a poignant message about saving the turtles and a baby turtle gets eaten in the background.”

And someone else said: “I just shrieked at the f*****g seagull nabbing a baby turtle on Blue Planet Live the chip thieving b*****d.”

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker tweeted: “Line of Duty is always top drawer but Jed Mercurio [the show’s writer] is going to have to come up with something special to beat the drama of the seagull and the baby turtle from Blue Planet Live.”

The chilling reminder of the circle of life was reminiscent of the family who lovingly raised a butterfly — only for their dog to instantly eat it after setting it free.


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