Bloodthirsty Kim Jong-un burnt North Korean officials alive with flamethrowers and had others torn apart by a pack of dogs, defector claims


MERCILESS Kim Jong-un made his own uncle watch his workmates get ripped apart by anti-aircraft guns during a string of sickening executions, it’s claimed.

Defector Kang Cheol-Hwan said he was told by those who witnessed the bloodshed that two men who worked with Kim’s relative were obliterated by the over-the-top firing squad.

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Kim Jong-un is said to be responsible for a string of over-the-top executions[/caption]

The luckless pair were allegedly targeted by eight massive anti-aircraft guns after having lumps of iron placed into their mouths by Kim’s cronies.

The North Korean dictator‘s uncle –  Jang Song-thaek – was forced to watch the slaughter and fainted when left covered in their blood.

Defector Kang also told how a high-ranking police official was burnt alive with a flame-thrower and a politician and his mistress were stripped naked and attacked by dogs.

Others to fall out of favour in the past have been executed with rocket grenades, mortars and even tank fire.

Kang told CNN: “They let it fire against these two people and these two people instantly disappeared and all the blood, it poured into Jang Song-thaek’s face, who was forced to witness them and he fainted.”

Kim’s uncle was killed later that same year reportedly by the same method.

The shocking claims form part of a new report from the North Korea Strategy Center,  a human right organisation led by Kang.

He also told how the despot also executed a top police official who was also close to his uncle .

Kang said: “Kim Jong-un especially hated him (the police official) so ordered him to be executed by using a flame-thrower so he was burned alive without even using the machine guns.

“Then after he was burned alive the tanks around him kind of crushed him.”

He then claimed another official and his mistress were executed by being stripped naked and torn apart by the dogs.


All these bizarre and grisly executions were carried out on the personal orders of despotic Kim, claims Kang.

Greg Scarlatoiu, exec director of The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (CHRNK), said: “These people who were executed by ZPU-4 anti-aircraft guns or flame throwers are denied this fundamental right of leaving behind a body for the family.”

In 2014, the CHRNK unveied “a ghastly sight” at a military firing range: analysed satellite images showed six anti-aircraft gun systems being fired upon a small target at short range.

The group assessing the bizarre scene decided it was an execution that had been watched by high-level officials who’d driven in from the capital of Pyongyang.

“Anyone who has witnessed the damage one single US .50 caliber round does to the human body will shudder just trying to imagine a battery of 24 heavy machine guns being fired at human beings.

Bodies would be nearly pulverised,” the report reads. “The gut-wrenching viciousness of such an act would make ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ sound like a gross understatement.”

Most of the time, the victims of this brutality are unknown, but there is no shortage of past examples.

In 2012, a shocked international press reported that a military officer was sentenced to death for drinking during the official mourning period for Kim’s father, Kim Jong-il.

The method of execution was reportedly by short-range mortar firing squad.

According to a source talking to South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, it was ordered that “no trace of him (be left) behind, down to his hair.”

The impact of the mortar thought to be used in North Korea can kill someone within a 17-yard diameter of its target.

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Kang Cheol-Hwan a North Korean defector who was imprisoned in a concentration camp for ten years[/caption]

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Jang Song-Thaek was said to have been executed by anti-aircraft guns[/caption]




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