Blood-soaked new Child’s Play trailer leaves fans terrified of killer doll Chucky’s murderous rampage


A BLOOD-soaked reboot of 1988 film Child’s Play has left fans terrified after its trailer reveals killer doll Chucky’s murderous rampage.

Viewers have been left freaked out by the advert for the infamous doll, which appears to have turned into a ROBOT for the 2019 film.

Child's Play

Chucky’s next victim is another lonely young boy who is given him as a birthday gift[/caption]

It shows a young boy seeing Chucky being advertised on TV before being surprised by his mum with a gift on his birthday.

But things soon take a turn for the worse when a dead body is seen lying in the street, covered with a bloodied blanket, amid chaos on the street.

In short, fast snippets, fans see a body fall onto the roof of a car, and woman yell as she’s about to be rammed by another vehicle from the driver’s seat.

And then the horrified little boy is seen screaming when his beaten mum is gagged with a rope around her neck.

Child's Play

The boy’s mum is seen bloodied and beaten with a rope around her neck in chilling scenes[/caption]

Child's Play

A dead body is seen lying in the street[/caption]

Child's Play

The teary boy has brought an evil doll into his house which goes on to terrorise the town[/caption]

Although it’s unclear what has gone on, it’s guaranteed that Chucky is to blame.

But the trailer does not reveal his face – making us wonder how it has been modernised from the 1988 killer doll that is about to terrorise an American town.

Viewers are already desperate to watch the remake, with one saying: “Literally been terrified of Chucky since I was a kid, but that new @ChildsPlayMovie teaser has me ready to face my fears.”

Another commented: “Between the Pet Sematary reboot and the Child’s Play reboot, it’s like the nightmares of my childhood are coming back to haunt me.”

Child's Play

A body falls onto the roof of a car in the trailer[/caption]

Child's Play

A woman screams for her life as she is about to be crushed by another vehicle[/caption]

Someone else added: “truly how am i going to watch child’s play im so terrified.”

The remake has been done by the producers of IT and is directed by Lars Klevber starring Brian Tyree Henry, Gabriel Bateman, Beatrice Kitsos, Ty Consiglio, and Carlease Burke.

  • Child’s Play is due for release on June 21, 2019 in the US, with a date expected to be released soon for the UK. 


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