'Blanding' trend sees fashion brands ditch fancy fonts 


While some experts view the minimalist trend as a sign that fashion brands may be losing their creative flair as they become more corporate, others see it as a sign that there has been a radical shift in what consumers expect from “luxury” goods.   

Sarah Hyndman, a London designer and author of Why Fonts Matter, told Quartz that fancy script treatments might aim to suggest the sophistication of a Bordeaux wine label, but in a fashion context they come across as pretentious. To many, Hyndman says, this is seen as simply “trying too hard.”  

And Anders Godal, design director and partner at The Creators Club, said: “People’s perception of luxury has changed drastically over the last few years. It seems the trend nowadays is leaning more towards the understated and simple, whereas in the past things were designed to stand out as luxurious – so the trend towards more simplified typography is a natural progression.

For example, when we work with clients who would like more of a high-end or luxurious feel to their brand it’s more down to the details, like choice of materials and finishes and not so much leaning on a fancy font.”  



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