Black Ops 4 1.16 PATCH NOTES: Call of Duty update brings Ancient Evil to PS4


Today’s Black Ops 4 1.16 update includes a range of changes and the new Ancient Evil Zombies expansions for PS4.

The official Call of Duty patch notes confirm all the major updates made today on PS4 and Xbox One.

Treyarch has confirmed that the debut of Barebones in Multiplayer is part of today’s update, as is the addition of Outrider’s Sparrow and Zero’s EMP Disruptor in Blackout.

New weapon tuning across all modes has also been revealed, although the Ancient Evil DLC sounds like the biggest content drop today.

“The Black Ops 4 Zombies saga continues with “Ancient Evil” on PS4, packed with new enemies, weapons, traps, Easter Eggs, and unexpected surprises,” Treyarch explains.

“Players will take on the undead hordes and mythological creatures in the depths of ancient Delphi as Scarlett, Diego, Bruno, and Shaw in the final episode of the Chaos story in our current Zombies season.

“The famed Oracle of Delphi holds the key to freeing Scarlett’s father, Alistair Rhodes, and uncovering the true power of the Prima Materia… but at what cost?”

“In addition to “Ancient Evil”, we’ve also added a new Perk called “Zombshell” on PS4 with this update, which grants a chance for basic zombies to explode when killed, leaving behind a contamination field that slows enemies and increases damage dealt to them.

“Players with the modifier will also become invisible to zombies while standing in the contamination field and gain increased weapon reload speeds, perfect for getting out of sticky situations and thinning the horde for your team.”

It appears that much of today’s best content won’t be available on Xbox One until next week.

So far, a lot of weapon tuning and other tweaks has been confirmed for Xbox fans, following today’s update.

Barebones Mode is available now on PS4 and features 6v6 TDM and Domination with no Specialist Weapons, Special Issue Equipment, Gear, or Operator Mods allowed.

Equipment is now single-use with no cooldowns and comes fully charged on each respawn, and Spawn Select is disabled for faster respawns.

You can read the highlights from today’s Black Ops 4 patch notes below:


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