Bizarre true story of the UK military testing LSD on Royal Marines revealed in footage that shows high soldiers stumbling and climbing trees


THIS is the hilarious moment a squadron of well-drilled Royal Marines climbed trees and convulsed in fits of laughter after their commanding officers slipped them LSD.

Black-and-white footage from 1964 shows the commandos giggling as they stagger around a forest as part of a secret chemical weapons experiment at Porton Down, Wilts.

The Royal Marines were slipped the drug as part of an MoD experiment
The soldiers start to giggle as the acid kicks in

A narrator can be heard explaining that the Marines were given acid in a “cup of water”.

He continued: “Twenty-five minutes later, the first effects of the drug became apparent.

“The men became relaxed and began to giggle.”

The troopers then roll around in the grass and lean against the trees as the drug kicks in.

The narrator added: “One hour and ten minutes after taking the drug. With one man climbing a tree to feed the birds, the troop commander gave up, admitting he could no longer control himself or his men.”


“He himself then relapsed into laughter”.

The exercise was part of an MoD project to study the effects of LSD on the brain to explore its potential as a weapon.

But the Chemical Defence Advisory Board decided in 1968 that the use of LSD as a weapon was “more magical than scientific”.

The mind-bending hallucinogenic was allegedly used this week by a disgruntled teenager to spike his “negative” colleagues.

The 19-year-old allegedly told police he slipped acid into a jug of water to change co-workers’ “energy” at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Missouri, US.

He now faces possible charges of second-degree assault and possession of a controlled substance.

Soon they are left crying with laughter on the ground
The exercise was abandoned when one soldier started climbing trees

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