Bizarre moment drunk passenger refuses to leave plane at London Heathrow before slurring ‘I love you’ to police


THIS is the bizarre moment a drunk passenger refuses to get off a flight at London Heathrow – before saying “I love you” to a cop.

ITV series Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport last night featured the strange stand-off between a tipsy traveller and police.


Police are seen escorting a drunk passenger off a plane after he initially refused to budge[/caption]


The boozy traveller turns to an officer and says: ‘I love you’[/caption]

Staff explain how the unnamed reveller guzzled too many in-flight drinks before landing at Britain’s biggest air hub.

He was in such a bad state that he staunchly refused to disembark the plane.

But the poleaxed protester soon budged after airport police became involved.

Officers are seen boarding the plane before finally convincing the passenger to get off.


Cameras capture police helping the swaying man out the door – with one officer kindly warning him to “be careful”.

They even offer the bloke a wheelchair before asking him: “Are you happy to walk”.

The officer adds: “Be careful then – the chair is there if you need it.”

It’s then that the boozed-up bloke turns to one cop and says: “I love you.”

The stunned officer offers a touching response, telling him: “You’re very kind.”

That’s exactly what I’m like after one beer

Twitter user

He was then ushered to the immigration check – where staff were waiting with his confiscated passport.

One viewer who was impressed with the staff’s response wrote on Twitter: “So interesting everything they have to deal with in a day.

“You can understand someone drinking because of nerves.

“But why he isn’t getting off the plane heaven knows.”

Another added: “Guys need a medal in that job.

“Wow what a disaster and stress! Hats off to the workers.”

A third joked: “That’s exactly what I’m like after one beer.”


Cops helped the swaying bloke off the flight at London Heathrow[/caption]


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