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Bill Turnbull: BBC star addresses awkward Carol Kirkwood moment 'I couldn't speak'


Former BBC Breakfast host Bill Turnbull, 64, recently caught up with his former colleague Carol Kirkwood, 58, on his self-titled podcast Paws and Claws. The weather forecaster spoke candidly about the moment she left Bill aghast after she cheekily remarked she would be getting her “jugs out”.

As the pair recalled moments from their time working together, Carol spoke candidly about a broadcast which almost ended in a disaster.

“I remember I was doing an experiment in the Blue Peter garden,” she said.

Bill interjected: “Oh my word,” as he seemingly appeared to know where the conversation was heading.

Carol continued: “I had two measuring jugs and one of them was how much rainfall we had and the other one was how much rainfall we should have had at this time of year.

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She went on to say: “And we came to the headline and you threw to me with, ‘Kirky, are you going to do your experiment again?’

“And I said, ‘Yes, I’ll have my jugs out in 15 minutes.’ And you couldn’t speak.”

“I was like, ‘What have I said?'” a stunned Carol added.

Bill chuckled: “I couldn’t speak. Me and Sian could not speak as we were going onto a really serious subject. I did a timecheck and I have to tell you Kirky I’ve been dining out on that story ever since.”

The presenter told the Daily Mirror his tenure was “more than enough for me and the audience, so it is a good time to call it a day and do something else”.

Carol tweeted she was “really, really going to miss” her “lovely wonderful friend” at the time of his exit.

The following year, Bill announced that he had been diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer and continues to undergo various treatments.

Elsewhere, Carol was left sobbing after telling the heartbreaking story about the loss of her beloved cat Angus on Bill’s podcast this week.

The self-confessed cat lover, began to relive those heart-wrenching moments when she realised something was wrong after her beloved feline Angus, didn’t run out to greet her like he usually did.


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