Ben Stokes Arrest And Fight Video – Who’s Been Accused Of Homophobia And What’s Alleged To Have Happened?


ENGLAND cricketer Ben Stokes is on trial after a punch-up outside a Bristol night-club.

But what is alleged to have happened exactly and who’s been accused of homophobia? Here’s what we know so far.

Getty Images – Getty Ben Stokes appeared at Bristol Crown Court with his wife Clare to stand trial for affray

What’s alleged to happened?

Cricketer Ben Stokes, 27, is currently standing trial for affray, which he has denied.

Bristol Crown Court heard that Stokes mocked two gay men and flicked a cigarette butt at one of them before brawling with two other men.

The court also heard how Ryan Ali, 28 and Ryan Hale, 27, were knocked unconscious by Mr Stokes in Bristol on September 25, 2017.

Giving evidence on August 10 Stokes said he confronted Ali and Mr Hale outside MBargo nightclub after he heard them “taking the p***” out of clubbers William O’Connor and Kai Barry “for being gay”.

Stokes told Bristol crown court he had drunk “two or three” pints of lager and “five or six” vodka and lemonades but was not drunk.

He had returned to club shortly after 2am after initially leaving at 12.46am to go to a different club.

Jurors were also told how the gay men “bantered” with Stokes about his “bad dress sense” and £695 trainers, which were shown to the court.

Hale was also on trial for affray but was acquitted on August 8 after jurors found there was insufficient evidence.

Ali, who has also been charged with affray, was left with a black eye and a fractured socket.

Stokes told the court he was “trying to stop Mr Ali doing damage” to anyone with a glass bottle.

He maintained he was “protecting himself”, adding: “As soon as this episode started I knew that myself or other people could be a target of these men.”

The brawl took place hours after England had played a one-day international test against West Indies at the city’s County Ground.

PA:Press Association Mbargo nightclub in Bristol, where Ben Stokes was involved in an incident last year

Who’s been accused of homophobia?

Bouncer Andrew Cunningham told the court that Stokes was “aggressive” towards him after he refused to let him and his teammate Alex Hales into the club when they returned at 2.08am.

He also said Stokes mimicked William O’Connor and Kai Barry in what he described as “a derogatory way”.

Prosecutor Nicholas Corsellis said footage showed Mr Stokes “copying hand gestures made by the men”, while the bouncer claimed the cricketer had flicked a cigarette butt at Mr O’Connor.

But Stokes said he was defending the two men, telling the jury: “Mr Hale and Mr Ali were shouting homophobic comments towards these two. I said you shouldn’t be taking the p*** because they are gay.

“I was told by Mr Ali, along the lines of, ‘Shut the f*** up or I’ll bottle you.”

Asked by his barrister, Gordon Cole QC: “Were you mimicking them?”, the 6ft 2in all rounder replied: “No”.

Mr Cole asked: “Was any of it homophobic?”

Stokes replied: “No, definitely not.

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