Ben Stokes Accused Of Behaving Like A Spoilt Child By Bouncer Caught Up In Affray Trial


THE bouncer caught in the middle of the Ben Stokes affray trial has accused the England cricketer of behaving like a spoilt child.

Andy Cunningham, who refused to let the all-rounder into a nightclub closing time, said: “He is a very arrogant man who doesn’t like to be told No.

News Group Newspapers Ltd Andy recalled how Stokes and England teammate Alex Hales asked in vain to be let into the Mbargo club after 2am

“He is just not a nice bloke. He’s got the money and the fame, he’s happy and he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.

“He’s just a spoilt kiddie who is used to people pandering to him.”

Stokes, 27, was last week cleared of affray despite CCTV footage showing him knock out two revellers on a Sunday night in Bristol after a one-day victory over West Indies.

But dad-of-four Andy, 37, said: “If he had been charged with something else he would have been convicted.

News Group Newspapers Ltd Ben Stokes looked relieved as he walked free from Bristol crown court after being cleared of affray

“If it was me in court for that, I would be in prison now, my feet wouldn’t have touched the ground.”

Andy recalled how Stokes and England teammate Alex Hales asked in vain to be let into the Mbargo club after 2am. They even offered him £300, which he refused.

He said: “I didn’t know who they were, I’m not a cricket fan. I said, Sorry guys, it’s shut.’ Stokes pulled out £60 and I said, ‘Sorry that won’t get you in.’

“His mate pulled a wallet out and between them they offered £300. I told him they couldn’t come in.

AFP or licensors Ben Stokes was not greeted like a returning hero at Trent Bridge today

News Group Newspapers Ltd Bouncer Andy Cunningham called the cricketer a ‘spoilt kiddie’

“I could have taken the money but then I would never work again.

“Stokes started to get more irate. He was angry. It doesn’t matter who you are, you could be The Pope, you’re not getting in after 2am.

“We often get celebrities, people like Alan Carr, TV stars, rugby players. Most are humble and are polite and nice but Stokes didn’t like being told No.

“Hales didn’t want to interact. He was like a yes man to Stokes, whatever Stokes said he went along with it. It was like he was his b***h. He looked scared around him.”

News Group Newspapers Ltd Andy says Ben Stokes made a nasty commnent about his gold teeth

Andy, who used to do security at cage fighting matches, has been a doorman in Bristol for five years after moving from Chelmsford, Essex.

He said 90 per cent of his body is tattooed and spent £2,500 on gold teeth to replace ones lost playing rugby and in an accident.

The teetotaller, who lives in Weston-super-Mare, said: “I was still being respectful and polite to him and then he noticed my teeth.

“He said to me ‘Look at the state of your teeth, they make you look like a c***.’ I just said,‘ Thank you’.

Ben Stokes was involved in a brawl outside a Bristol nightclub

Ben Stokes, 27, was charged with affray after an alleged street brawl in Bristol

“I’ve got the skin of a rhino. I don’t shout and I’m not an angry person.

“Stokes carried on muttering to himself and talking to Hales. He then said, ‘Well look at your s*** tattoos too, look at your job, look at what you’re doing’.

“I replied, ‘Yeah keeping people like you out.’

“I wasn’t getting wound up by it. But he was getting angry. I don’t think it was the drink making him like that. It’s just his personality.”

Getty Images – Getty The cricketer was recently cleared of affray and recalled to the England Test squad

The CCTV footage showed Stokes appear to flick a cigarette at another clubber, Billy O’Connor, but Stokes denied this in court.

Andy, who is 6ft 4in and 19st, said: “I got a bit annoyed and said, ‘If you want to fight someone, fight me.’

“He wouldn’t look me in the eye after that. After about 20 minutes of abuse and him taking the p*** out of people, he came over to shake hands with me.

“I said, ‘We’ve got no reason to shake hands.’ Stokes was furious.”

Getty Images – Getty Ben Stokes was allowed to return to cricket after his 11-month ordeal

Andy went on: “I referred to him in court as the ginger one because I couldn’t remember everyone’s names and I’ve been given flak for that.

“People walking or driving past the club — mostly middle-aged overweight cricket fans, young kids shouting abuse from the other side of the road . . . it’s comical.”

Durham star Stokes was accused of affray along with clubber Ryan Hale, 27, and his pal Ryan Ali, 28. Batsman Hales was not charged.

Stokes and Ali were cleared following a six-day trial at Bristol crown court. Mr Hale was acquitted the week before.

News Group Newspapers Ltd Ben Stokes said he was defending two gay men from ‘serious abuse’ when he punched fireman Ryan Ali, pictured

Before the bust-up, Stokes was said to have made homophobic against Billy and his friend Kai Barry.

Neither were called to give evidence.

But after the trial they told The Sun they had swapped banter with Stokes before he defended them from being attacked.

However Andy insisted: “If he wasn’t guilty of affray, CCTV shows he is still guilty of attacking a man who was retreating. You can’t justify that.” Andy, whose youngest child has brain damage, said he was “very nervous” about giving evidence and added: “I’m not a public speaker, I don’t normally speak to audiences.”

AFP or licensors Stokes’ wife Clare was seen with him on every day of his trial

His wife Gemma, 34, sat in the court public gallery to support him.

She said she spotted Stokes’ wife Clare, mother to his two children.


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