Beloved South Downs landscape seen in films and paintings saved from road plan


The National Trust officials said the proposed road was too wide for “a modest residential building in a very rural landscape”.

Local resident Mark Wigglesworth, a conductor and former music director of the English National Opera, said: “People come from all over the world to enjoy the Seven Sisters – and what they love about it is the freedom of its landscape, a tranquility that is currently untouched by development and traffic.

“Previous inhabitants of this property, including Frank Newbould, have never had any problem with access. All have understood that the distinctive, natural, unscarred quality of this landscape was what made where they lived so special.

Mr Wigglesworth, who has lived in Crowlink, on the South Downs, for 25 years, added: “There are currently no tracks across the open fields that stretch down to the Seven Sisters cliffs and many of us were concerned that this unique characteristic was about to be ruined forever. We are so relieved that the objections of so many were taken seriously by the committee members themselves.”


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