Belle Dingle age: How old is Belle Dingle actress in real life?


    Eden Taylor Draper has grown up before our eyes, along with her on-screen character Belle Dingle in Emmerdale. The youngester took over the part from Emily Mather – who, with her twin brother James Mather, played Belle Dingle from her birth in 1998. Her brother left the role in 2000, but Emily continued playing the character until she was replaced by Eden in 2005. Now 15 years down the line, how old is the actress?

    How old is Belle Dingle actress in real life?

    Eden Taylor Draper, who to many is known as Belle Dingle, is 22-years-old, she’ll be 23 this October.

    Eden first started on the long-running soap opera in 2005 at the age of six.

    In 2015, Eden spoke to Digital Spy about how she was glad to have finished school so that she could dedicate more time to filming on Emmerdale.

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    “Growing up in the public eye, I’ve had to be very aware of things like going out to parties.

    “If an average teenager gets drunk at a party, nothing happens, but if I did then, somebody could go to the papers or put it on social media.

    “I’ve been very aware of the dangers, and I think my parents have enjoyed that, if I’m honest!

    “Working around adults and doing an adult job, I had to mature quickly and hopefully I’m pretty normal.”


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