Beggar with flat and designer clothes dupes unsuspecting shoppers into giving him cash by dressing ‘trampish’


A SCAM artist beggar brags on film how he dresses scruffy to con cash from shoppers.

The hustler, known only as Deryck, tells documentary maker Ed Stafford that he dumps his designer gear to pretend he is a ‘tramp’.

Channel 4

Ed Stafford spent two months sleeping rough for the documentary[/caption]

The self-confessed drug addict is featured on Channel 4’s 60 Days On The Street, in which Ed Stafford – the first man to walk the length of the Amazon – spent two months homeless in Manchester, Glasgow and London.

Stafford, 43, met Deryck at his spot near Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow.

But when the ex-soldier meets him in a cafe two days later he can’t believe Deryck’s in an expensive Lacoste tracksuit.

Ed exclaims: “What the f***?”

Brazen Deryck boasts: “I dress down to make money. Today I’m not doing that so I just dress normal. People don’t give you money when you are dressed in £200 boots, £250 jacket and £100 jeans.

“It’s hard enough to get money off people as it is. You dress down or trampish.”

Ed tells Deryck he thought he was sleeping rough.

People don’t give you money when you are dressed in £200 boots, £250 jacket and £100 jeans

Street beggar Deryck

But Deryck admits he’s had a “wee flat for six, seven months or maybe slightly longer”.

He says he is battling a Valium addiction and has been stabbed and robbed while on the street.

Politicians said the case could stop kind-hearted members of the public giving money to those really in need.

Tory MP for Glasgow Annie Wells blasted: “The majority of homelessness cases in Glasgow are genuine, but this example only harms the cause.

“There’s clearly no real reason why this individual can’t get a job.”


Adventurer Ed slept rough in Glasgow, London and Manchester for the programme.

Last week, he revealed that amid the harrowing true stories of homeless people he met, he discovered several fake beggars in London’s West End who actually have homes.

Despite earning up to £200 a day in the heart of the capital’s theatre district, some skillful beggars will take advantage of the kindness of strangers.

One fake beggar called Neil revealed how he can earn £30 in 30 minutes in one of his preferred spots in London.

Wearing a baseball cap and camo waterproof, he said: “The spot I sit at, I share it with someone who is actually homeless. Because I’m not, I’ve got a two bedroom house.”

The episode later showed Ed walking with Neil and another fake homeless man through train barriers for free as they prepare to spend £50 they have just earned on booze and drugs.

Sitting on a train to one of their homes in Dartford, Neil said: “I do feel a bit of a c*** not being homeless but I ain’t got no money.”

When asked by Ed, who is undercover, whether he “gives a f**k”, Neil replied: “No. I’ve got a drug habit, I’ve got to feed it somehow.”

  • 60 Days on the Streets, 9pm tonight on Channel 4

Channel 4

In Glasgow, Stafford found one beggar bragging about conning members of the public[/caption]

Channel 4

Deryck told Stafford (pictured) he dresses down to encourage hadnouts[/caption]

Channel 4

The adventurer spent time on the streets in London, Manchester and Glasgow[/caption]

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