BBC's Andrew Neil mocks Labour's Dodds in unearthed car crash interview – 'This was fun!'


    The BBC host posted an old clip of an interview with Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds back in 2018 on Politics Live in which the Labour frontbencher failed to provide exact figures on the UK’s GDP growth whilst blindly criticising the Government. The heated head-to-head left Ms Dodds in a pickle forcing her to admit “I don’t know the figures off the top of my head”. 

    Mr Neil reposted the clip in the wake of her criticism of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s latest budget announcement.

    With the clip, he tweeted: “Forgotten this. It was fun. Will be a pity to lose this sort of thing!”

    The Shadow Chancellor accused Mr Sunak of taking a “one-size fits all” approach in its incentive scheme to persuade employers to keep on furloughed staff beyond October.

    Ms Dodds told Today: “My major concern with the way Government is proceeding now is that they’re withdrawing the job retention scheme and the self-employed scheme at the same time, right across the whole economy.

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    “We all know that some sectors are being much more strongly impacted than others, the Chancellor’s continuing with that one-sized fits all approach, we would urge him to look again at this, we have been continuously.”

    She added: “I do find it a little peculiar that we now have this bonus that will be paid to all employers regardless of whether their business are back operating up to full capacity or not.

    “We really need to have targeted support, this is a crisis like no other where the impact is very strongly sectoral, we should have had a more sectoral approach from the Chancellor.”

    Mr Sunak said more than a million businesses had benefited from Government financial support during the crisis, but apologised to those who had not been reached.

    “Does everyone feel that they’ve been helped in the way that they would like to have been? Of course not and I can only apologise for that.”

    On Wednesday, the Chancellor announced a sweeping package of measures on Wednesday including giving firms which have furloughed staff a £1,000 bonus to keep workers in jobs.

    While warning that “hardship lies ahead”, he insisted no-one will be left “without hope”, as he revealed plans to cut stamp duty, slash VAT on food, accommodation and attractions to 5 percent and give diners a discount to support pubs and restaurants.

    Speaking in the Commons Mr Sunak said his plan would help protect livelihoods after the economy contracted by 25 percent in just two months.


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