BBC Weather: Scorching heatwave threatened in Europe by flash flooding and 'damaging' wind


    BBC meteorologist Susan Powell warned that heat remains the big weather story across Europe at the moment. Heatwave conditions will continue to affect Iberia, France, the low countries, the UK and parts of Scandinavia for the next few days. In some areas, temperatures will be 10 degrees above average.

    Ms Powell told viewers: “But look towards the west and you can see things are starting to turn increasingly unsettled through mid-week.

    “An area of low pressure will be developing in the bay of Biscay and all those thunderstorms will start to feed their way north.

    “Further east, it’s a pretty typical picture for the time of year with sunshine for Cyprus, the Greek Islands and mainland Greece and Turkey too.

    “There’ll just be the odd showers affecting mainland Greece through Wednesday.”

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    She continued: “That will stretch down from this area which will push down into the Balkans.

    “It’s looking a little bit showery across the Alps as well, but the heaviest rain will likely be where we see this area of low pressure developing.

    “It will be pretty wet across northern Portugal and some heavy rain getting into France and spreading across the UK overnight Wednesday into Thursday.

    “There could even be some flash flooding and some gusty damaging winds as well.”

    Further east though, the picture remains settled for Athens and for Heraklion.

    Temperatures will remain in the low to mid 30s for Athens while Heraklion will hang around 29 degrees.

    Berlin will see a change at the weekend as the 30 degrees temperatures drop slightly and the sky becomes cloudier.

    Moscow, in contrast, won’t break into the 20s as the weekend sees 19 degrees at its highest.

    London and Paris will see a real mix in the mid to high 20s with possible thunderstorms and patches of rain.


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