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BBC Weather: Britons brace for 96F scorcher as UK hotter than Ibiza – thunderstorm alert


BBC Weather said the UK is set to bake thanks to a one-day heatwave set to take over most of the country, with temperatures building up to hit as high as 96F (36C) in the afternoon. The scorcher is set to have Britain hotter than most areas of Spain, including tourist hotspot Ibiza. Weather forecaster Matt Taylor said: “Believe it or not, we haven’t had a 30C day so far this July. The likes of Glasgow and Carlisle have not got above 20C more than once.

“That changes today, with temperatures widely in the upper twenties if not low thirties, maybe 35C-36C in the southeast corner. But big change into tomorrow, 10C cooler.

“It’s a one-day spike so if you don’t like the heat or humidity, you will be pleased it will not be hanging around too long.”

Mr Taylor noted Northern Ireland is however to be bypassed by the high temperatures because of widespread cloud and outbreaks of rain throughout the day.

He continued: “In Northern Ireland you’ve got a lot of cloud with you today, you’ve got outbreaks of rain and when you see the cloud satellite images, that will hold the temperature down.

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“The rain, this morning, is spreading its way westwards, some of that will get into the west of Scotland, maybe to the very far west of Wales by the end of the day.

“But many eastern areas, central areas, you’re going to stick with the sunshine by and large. This afternoon, temperatures still around the high teens in parts of western Scotland but to the east, we could hit around 28C.

“As we head further south, we could see temperatures head to 34C or 35C, maybe even 36C even. Later in the day we could see some intense thunderstorms develop.

“Not many, but when they do we may see frequent lighting, there could be some flash flooding as well. They will rumble up from the south coast, maybe across parts of the southeast, East Anglia as we go into the first part of the night and then clear away.”

Mr Taylor added: “Into the weekend we go, a humid start across East Anglia and the southeast but it’s here we start the day with some cloud and outbreaks of rain.

“That will shift out of the way, the sun will come out and tomorrow will be a story of sunshine and a few showers.

“Showers mainly to the north and the west but it will feel substantially cooler, with temperatures still 25C-26C in the southeast corner.

“Sticking around the teens for many in the west but cooler still as we go into Sunday.”


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