BBC News viewers distracted by Digestives, a didgeridoo, fridge and Monster Munch multi-pack in guest’s messy room


BBC News viewers were staggered today when an expert appeared surrounded by packets of Monster Munch, a fridge, a barrel of Digestives – and a Digeridoo.

Motoring journalist Adam Rayner appeared live from Watford sat amid piles of boxes, a collection of passes and the indigenous Australian wind instrument.

Adam appeared live on the news from his wonderfully messy room

In fact, there was so much to spot in Adam’s spare-room of wonder that viewers likened watching it to a “hidden objects game”.

One asked: “Is that a didgeridoo behind him? A man of culture I see.”

Another also spotted the tubular instrument, posting approvingly: “This guy rips didge👌.”

However, others had different favourite spots from the astonishingly messy room, writing: “I liked the biscuit tin on the right.”

BBC News presenter Anita McVeigh managed not to mention the mess
Adam was on the show to talk about cars – but viewers were entranced by his didgeridoo

A fourth said: “Top right of the picture, is that a topless lady on a magnet next to the Biscuit tin?”

Another viewer pointed out chillingly: “Imagine what the rest of his house is like if that’s the room he chose for an interview live on national TV.”

Expert Adam was on the BBC News channel to talk about EU plans to speed-limit cars – but his intriguing room proved much more interesting.

Hopefully presenter Anita McVeigh, who politely didn’t mention the mess, will invite him on again to bust out a few bars on the didgeridoo.

Anita McVeigh failed to mention that the man was sitting amid piles of junk


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