BBC host Campbell left 'scared' after caller launches in terrifying Boris Johnson rant


    BBC Radio 5 presenter Nicky Campbell was shaken after ending a call with a furious beauty salon owner challenging Boris Johnson over current coronavirus social distancing rules. The beautician questioned why punters are being allowed to stand in close proximity with each other as they drink in the pub but she cannot offer her services to clients. The enraged caller said she wanted to “smash their faces in”, which prompted Campbell to point out she was being “a bit extreme.”

    The BBC presenter’s intervention however seemed to have no effect on the beautician who went on ranting, later joking she would react rather violently if the Prime Minister tried to enter her beauty salon.

    At the end of the call, Campbell admitted to feeling rather “scared” after the terrifying exchange.

    The call came after Mr Johnson announced a relaxation of social distancing rules which would allow beauty professionals to resume their work after nearly five months of complete stop.

    More to follow…


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