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BBC Breakfast viewers savage Matt Hancock's 'amateurish' performance in Naga grilling

“So imporant people follow the social distancing rules – I know they’ve been there for a long time and people are yearning to see one another -” Hancock said. 

But Munchetty interrupted once more: “I think you’ve made that clear, in one of your tweets you said ‘the reason for this lockdown is due to households gathering and not abiding by social disatancing rules.’ 

“If today, you see parks in these areas not abiding by social distancing rules, what’s the next step?”

“Well, Naga, we’ve shown throughout this crisis we are prepared to take rapid action if we need to, I don’t want to have to take any further steps,” he replied. 

“But it, but meeting at a social distance in parks is okay,” Hancock added but Munchetty said: “That’s not what I was asking!” 

BBC Breakfast airs everyday at 6am on BBC One. 


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