BBC Breakfast viewers erupt in anger as 'inept' Gavin Williamson A-level apology rejected


    BBC Breakfast viewers hit out at Education Secretary Gavin Williamson after he apologised to English pupils for the “chaos and disruption” they experienced over the past six months. The apology came as headteachers warned of potential discrepancies in A-level results, with some students risking to see their efforts downgraded by as much as 40 percent. BBC viewers however rejected Mr Williamson’s act of contrition and expressing their fury on social media.

    One viewer wrote on Twitter: “@GavinWilliamson on @BBCNews trying to justify the farcical situation the exam results have been is infuriating.40% down graded!

    “Pouting face to those getting results today, good luck. I’m sorry Gov leaders are inept. I’m sorry they are putting you through this stress. You will prevail.”

    Another user said: “‘We have a system of checks’ in place. If a school cohort did poorly last year, you are punishing this years cohort by lowering their grades.

    “You are ignoring teachers who taught them for two years who have the evidence.”

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    Another questioned whether Mr Williamson will resign over the Department of Education’s failure to prepare adequately to delliver to English pupils.

    They wrote: “Anyone ever wonder what happened to the convention of individual ministerial responsibility?

    “Seem to remember Estelle Morris resigned after the A-level marking scandal in the early 2000s. Will Gavin Williamson do likewise?”

    And one Twitter user added: “In years to come, I predict Gavin Williamson will come out and say, when I was the education minister I made a terrible mistake with the exam results fiasco in 2020. This tweet logged for history… #bbcnews #AlevelResults”

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