Bayern Munich charged for ‘F*** VAR, F*** Uefa’ banner during Liverpool loss


BAYERN Munich have been charged by Uefa after fans displayed a banner criticising the governing body and VAR.

In their 3-1 defeat against Liverpool on Wednesday, supporters unveiled a message that read: “Modern football kills emotion. F*** VAR! F*** UEFA!”

Bayern fans unveiled this message towards Uefa during their defeat with Liverpool

VAR technology has been used in the Bundesliga this season but it has failed to win over those watching from the terraces.

And although they successfully managed to get their frustrations across, Uefa will punish the German champions when it comes down to a hearing on May 16.

To further rub salt in the wound, they were also charged with “kit infringement” after Leon Goretzka wore the wrong shirt.

The midfielder took to the pitch with the domestic jersey that features two sponsors.

Bayern will face a hearing on May 16 to learn of their punishment


Uefa rules state that European shirts are only allowed to advertise a single sponsor.

It is not the first time Bayern fans have revolted against Uefa and modern football.

During the first-leg at Liverpool they unveiled another huge banner that read: “Away ticket: LFC 48£, FCB 55€.

“Th€ gr€€d knows no €imits! Twenty is plenty.”

And in 2017 fans launched fake money during their Champions League encounter with Anderlecht after being charged £89 for a ticket. 




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