Baptiste viewers stunned as hot young policeman revealed as the detective’s secret lovechild


BAPTISTE fans were shocked when they learnt that the hunky new policeman was Julien Baptiste’s secret love child.

The end of last night’s episode saw the French detective, played by Tcheky Karyo, confront his ex-girlfriend Martha Horchner about why she hadn’t told him Niels Horchner was his son.

Baptiste fans were shocked when they learnt that the hunky new policeman was Julien Baptiste’s secret love child

Julien became suspicious after working with Niels, who revealed that like him, he had suffered a brain tumour and had rare AB negative blood.

Niels revealed: “I was the opposite, I didn’t run from my operation I ran towards it.

“I had this total faith that science, doctors, it will fix me. But then during my surgery there was a mistake and I started to bleed and they had to transfuse me but they didn’t have any AB negative, so I heamoreged for half an hour while they helicoptered over some blood that would work.

“When I woke up and they told me, you suddenly realise that it’s all luck, my life depends on whether my surgeon had enough sleep the night before- and if it’s all chance you might as well enjoy it, right?”

But Niels revealed that he had a rare AB blood group
Which caused Baptiste to consider them being related
The detective swiped the police man’s coffee cup and sent it to forensics

Following the conversation, the detective became suspicious and swiped the young policeman’s coffee cup to send off to forensics to check if they were related.

The detective later got a phone call from the lab, which revealed that Niels was his son and after much consideration, he headed off to Martha’s house to confront her.

Clearly angered by the secret, Julien arrived at the door to a shocked Martha.

He said: “All this time and you lied to me. Why didn’t you tell me that Niels is my son?”

The detective confronted Martha after learning that Niels was his son
However Martha looked shocked by his visit

The drama didn’t end there either, as Stratton was seen ringing Baptiste’s answer phone at the end of the show and is last seen getting into the car with assassin Constantin.

Fans of the show immediately took to social media to express their shock over the dramatic ending to the episode.

One wrote: “Loving #Baptiste So well written … good plot twist at the end tonight re Baptiste’s son. Tip of the day – don’t leave a million euros in the boot of the car.”

Another said: “#Baptiste going to be complicated for Julien to protect ALL his own family when dodgy police officer Nile is actually his son.”

A third commented: “Last week I was thinking he was Baptiste’s son as well… but then I dismissed the idea as thought it would be too obvious/predictable! But still like the reveal! :-)”

While a fourth viewer couldn’t seem to contain their excitement, saying: “OH MY GOD ITS HIS SON. Forgot Martha was his ex whattttt #Baptiste.”

The BBC drama is set to return next Sunday.


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