Balenciaga is selling a £3.7k dress that looks like a CUSHION and shoppers joke it’s the ‘perfect disguise for introverts’


TOP fashion designer Balenciaga have left shoppers’ eyebrows raised as they compared the brand’s latest green couture dress to a CUSHION.

The emerald evening dress, which would set buyers back £3,700 and is only available in sizes six, eight and 10, was mocked after snaps of it circulated online.

The emerald evening dress, which would set buyers back £3,700, was mocked online

Described by the store as a ‘couture satin dress’ that ‘drapes and envelops the body’, the square body-con appeared to have little room for movement, despite the designer calling it worthy of the runway.

“You’d need a long straw for your drinks,” one woman said of the cocktail-length dress. “And a pal to throw canapes into your mouth.”

“They said I could be anything, so I became a cushion,” another joked.

With a third agreeing: “It’s a disguise for introverts. You sit on the couch at the party and everyone just thinks you’re a throw pillow and doesn’t try to talk to you.”

Shoppers mocked the unusual fashion choice, comparing it to a pillow

“Be there or be square,” wrote one woman, poking fun at the dresses unusual shape.

Some even found it far from amusing, and were not only disappointed but disgusted the designer had come up with such an unwearable design.

“Hand me a big bag!” one man wrote. “They have so much more style than this.”

And a woman added: “What’s the purpose of products like this? Is it intended to get people talking about the brand?

“Because I presume nobody actually buys clothes that look so hugely s***.”

Other’s weren’t so amused by the high-fashion piece
It is described by the store as a ‘couture satin dress’ that ‘drapes and envelops the body’

Despite the fashion house being popular with celebrities including Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian, it looks like shoppers won’t be fighting over this piece.

But for those that might be a fan of the squared look, the outfit doesn’t come cheap – with Balenciaga recommending a pair of neon green heels, priced at £650, to match.

In other news, this woman bravely wore skintight Latex in order to look like the Kardashians, and said it left her ‘sweaty’ and nearly ‘flashing her boobs’.

While online retailer Boohoo were blasted for Photoshopping out a model’s NIPPLES as she posed in a tiny beaded top.

And a PrettyLittleThing shopper spotted that the dress she ordered came from an entirely different company.



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