Average university vice chancellor now earns more than £250k for first time, as majority given pay rises in last year despite criticism


The average pay for university vice chancellors has risen above £250,000 for the first time, new data shows, as more than 100 institutions have offered pay rises in the last year despite heavy criticism of the salaries.

According to the Office for Students (OfS), the average basic salary for a university vice chancellor rose ahead of inflation, from £245,000 a year to £253,000 a year, with five heads earning more than £500,000 with benefits and severance payments included.

Of the 133 institutions included in the figures, some 109 saw their top earner receive a pay rise, while 13 had no change and just 11 reduced the salary of their vice chancellor.

Altogether, 124 of the 133 universities across England paid their heads more than the £150,000 the Prime Minister earns.

“At a time when students have to take out stonking loans, it seems incredible that vice-chancellors’ pay is so excessive, said Robert Halfon MP, Chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee.

“There should be fairness both to the student and the taxpayer. Student loans should be funding good quality tuition and employment outcomes, not the lavish lifestyles of vice chancellors.”


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