Avengers Endgame: First look at HUGE War Machine SPOILER



Avengers Endgame isn’t released for another couple of months, but official LEGO sets are already on sale. One alleged to be spotted in a London airport depicts what is presumably a big spoiler for the movie. If you’re sure you don’t mind finding out something about War Machine then scroll down to find out.

Yes, the LEGO set reveals a War Machine Buster, very much in the style as the famous Hulk Buster.

The latter, created as an alternate Iron Man suit by Tony Stark, was first used in Avengers Age of Ultron to tame the Hulk.

The giant suit also featured in Avengers Infinity War during the Battle of Wakanda.

In fact, Bruce Banner himself used the suit during the conflict since he couldn’t turn into the Hulk.

But now Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes gets his very own War Machine upgrade in Avengers Endgame. The revealing set also features Ant-Man and War Machine figures wearing the rumoured white Quantum Realm suits.

The pair are pictured in battle with a couple of Outriders near the Avengers Facility.

Meanwhile, the instruction manual features pictures of other LEGO sets including a new Avengers Quinjet and motorbike for Captain America.

While such technologies are likely to feature in Avengers Endgame, fans shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that the sets represent specific scenes, as this wasn’t the case with Avengers Infinity War LEGO.


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