Authorities knew Shamima Begum was 'groomed' but didn't tell her family, ex-police chief claims


Mr Babu’s comments come as MPs criticised any decision to award financial aid towards efforts to facilitate Begum’s return to Britain.

Conservative MP Philip Davies told The Daily Mail: “It’s absolutely disgusting how we are funding this person who is someone who joined an organisation that wants to destroy our way of life and our country.

“How she has been allowed to sponge off taxpayers’ money to get back into a country that she hates is absolutely ridiculous.”

Tim Loughton, former chairman of the home affairs select committee, added: “This shows that the Home Secretary was right to strip her of British citizenship.”

Mr Babu added: “I think legal aid is a principle of the British legal justice system.. there will be people who can afford to have swanky lawyers, there will be people who have no money who are in destitute situations.”

In interviews recently conducted from a refugee camp in northern Syria, she has insisted she lived as a housewife, doing little but care for her children, all three of whom have since died.

“I just stayed at home and looked after my kids,” she said. “I didn’t do anything dangerous. I never made propaganda, I never encouraged people to come to Syria. They don’t have proof that I did anything dangerous.”


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