Aussie radio show copies almost word for word Chris Evans’ TV advert for his radio show


AN Australian radio station has released a TV advert that is strangely similar to Virgin Radio’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show ad.

The commercial, which shows Chris being interrogated by his son Noah over eggs and toast, seems to have been the inspiration for 2Day FM’s host Grant Denyer who decided to get his kids in front of the camera too.

Noah sits opposite his dad at the breakfast table and the pair act out a scene from John Candy’s 1989 Uncle Buck
Australian radio station 2Day’s advert is strangely similar – with the same questions asked by the two cute kids

The startling similarities are undeniable – with both presenters and their kids sitting at the breakfast table, wearing t-shirts with the station’s logos branded across the chest.

The children fire interview-type questions at their presenter dads about their radio show – with the adorable Aussie daughters asking very similar questions to Chris Evan’s son.

In the Virgin Radio advert, Noah asks “What station are you on? What time is it on? Are there are ad breaks? How do people get Virgin on their digital radio?” –  to which Chris responds with rapid-fire answers.

Inspired by the famous scene in John Candy’s Uncle Buck, Noah throws in random questions like: “What’s your favourite film?” and “Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?”


At the end of the advert, Chris says: “How about you stop asking me questions” and his pajama-clad son replies: “I’m your son, it’s my job.”

On Grant Denyer’s advert, he is sat at the table, with a similar food selection, with his two daughters Scout and Sailor who ask: “What breakfast show are you? Who’s on it? How can Sydney listen?”

In fact, every question they ask is scarily similar to Virgin’s – even down to the unrelated questions about favourite films and unicorns.

Chris wasn’t alone during the filming of his breakfast show advert – he roped in wife Natasha, Noah and little Eli who held up Love Actually inspired signs and then all attempted to ‘floss dance’.

Talking about the launch of his show back in January, Chris said: “To what extent will I involve my family in order to make the new show a hit? The answer is infinite. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is,” he said.

“It’s all hands on deck here, including the little ones.”

The Sun has contacted 2Day FM for comment.

When he asked if his son could stop asking questions, Noah said “I’m your son, it’s my job” like in the hit 80s film
He asks his dad questions about how people can listen to the new show as well as throwing in random questions like “what’s your favourite film?”
Grant Denyer and his little girls sat at the table and had the exact same conversation
Rather than asking his favourite film, the girls asked if he believed in unicorns

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