Aussie fella gets Botox injected into his balls to impress the ladies


WOULD you risk Botox for your balls?

A rising number of men are having “Scrotox” – also known as “ball ironing” – to smooth out wrinkles in the scrotum.

Cosmetic surgery clinics are offering Botox to improve their scrotum appearance

As well as smoothing the skin, Scrotox allows the testicles to hang down further and appear bigger.

The effect lasts for about four months.

A growing number of cosmetic surgery clinics in Australia are offering the niche plastic surgery procedure.

Clinics in the UK are also starting to offer the treatment.

In Australia the procedure costs around $1,000 (£717).

Dr Jayson Oates, surgeon and medical director of Calibre Clinic, performs the procedure at his practice and told “The most common reason we have guys asking for Scrotox is because their scrotum is tightly contracted, squeezing up on their testicles and it’s painful.

“The relaxation of the scrotum helps the testes to hang a bit lower and offers some relief.

“But patients who have the procedure for cosmetic reasons, they generally tend to be sexually confident men…and the higher proportion would be gay”.

He added: “Scrotox injections aren’t made into the testicle itself but into the skin, and it’s absorbed into the nerves right where the injection is done, relaxing that muscle in the local area”.


One man, called Sean, detailed his experiences of the treatment.

During the procedure, his scrotum was injected 55 times with Botox.

He said: “I think I felt maybe two little pinches, that was all, and while that was going on Dr Oates and I were talking about sailing. Before I knew it, it was over.”

Describing the effects, he said: “A week later, when I inspected the area, I saw a change. It was less wrinkly and red…fuller and smoother. It definitely looks better.”

Associate Professor Peter Chin, spokesman for the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand, warned of the risks to consider before undergoing treatment.

He said: “Botox is a medication derived from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, which is actually a toxin used to paralyse nerves in a specific area.

“If you’re injecting it into the muscle itself, you’re paralysing the localised area, which will relax the scrotum and is relatively safe.

“But the scrotum is a very vascular organ, and there is a potential risk for the Botox to travel throughout the body if injected incorrectly.”

Scrotox isn’t the only cosmetic procedure available for male genitalia.

Men are being warned about the dangers of “penis fillers” because of the risk of complications.

Two cosmetic surgery groups for male sexual health in the UK said they had seen an increase in enquiries for penis fillers.

The ‘Scrotox’ procedure costs around $1,000 in Australia
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