Audi AI:ME driverless electric car debuts at Shanghai Motor Show 2019


Audi has unveiled the all-new AI:ME concept car at the Shanghai Motor Show 2019. The vehicle is a preview of the firms future in urban mobility and is an A3-sized electric car. It shares a lot of the design DNA of the e-tron models that have been unveiled to date but a radical new curved body which is uninterrupted from the grille to boot. The grille and headlights designs are particularly pleasing and among the highlights of the exterior styling.

The rear design is busy and fails to hit the mark. The LED elements are nice but the oddly shaped and tiny rear window and huge scoop are really unusual.

It hinged doors open out in opposite directions to each other revealing a bold cabin with four sculpted bucket seats. The seating arrangement inside the car is said to be modular and has multiple configurations.

Autonomous driving is also a feature of the new concept car and it has been designed to allow level 4 autonomy.

This type of autonomy is said to allow drivers in cities and on motorways to hand responsibility of driving to the vehicle. There is, however, a traditional steering wheel and pedals.

Audi designers are said to have focused on the car’s interior. There is a multifunctional, three-dimensional OLED monitor that runs below and along the entire length of the windscreen and is used primarily in dialogue with eye-tracking control.

The seats have been inspired by traditional lounge chairs and are ergonomically designed for the passengers.

There are premium materials used throughout, two tables, a food storage unit and magnetic cupholders.

Powering the car is a 65kWh battery pack mounted in the floor of the car and a 167bhp electric motor mounted to the rear axle.


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