Asus ROG Delta headset and ROG Claymore keyboard get huge discounts for final day of Amazon spring sale


IF you’re looking for an upgrade to your PC gaming set-up, head over to Amazon today.

A couple of our favourite bits of Asus’ Republic of Gamers gear are in the sale, which ends today.

The ROG Claymore comes with Asus’ Aura light-syncing technology built in

You can get the ROG Delta headset and the ROG Claymore mechanical keyboard for £129.99 each, down from £179.99 and £199.99 respectively.

The Claymore keyboard is one of our favourites to use for gaming and for work.

  • ROG Delta headset, £129.99 from Amazon UK (down from £179.99) – buy it now
  • ROG Claymore mechanical keyboard, £129.99 from Amazon UK (down from £199.99) – buy it now

It is speedy, tactile and really responsive and stands out from the crowd thanks to two great features.

It has a detachable numpad that can clip to either side of the keyboard depending on whether you’re right- or left-handed — and that numpad also has a built-in analogue volume control.

You can also just leave it off entirely if you want to use a keyboard but only have limited space to set-up in.

The ROG Deltas are rock-solid and sound sharp
Their D-shaped cups make for a comfortable and secure fit
The Sun

The Asus ROG Delta headset, meanwhile, sets itself apart from other gaming headsets every chance it gets.

Firstly, the audio technology in the D-shaped cups is a cut above everyone else, and sound as clear as any we’ve heard.

They’re not as bass-heavy as many other gaming-focused headsets out of the box — if you’re the sort of person who particular enjoy the thud from sending a 50-cal round hurtling towards your unwitting foe, you’ll probably want to crank it up a bit.

The Deltas aren’t just for PC, though — you can plug the USB-C lead into your Switch, phone or anything else that happens to have a USB port.

Unlike some gaming headsets that claim to work more widely, you can also listen to music on the go without feeling too self-conscious.

This is thanks to a simple switch to turn the fancy lighting off, and a boom mic that just unplugs.

The brushed metal construction makes for a really solid feel

The sounds are crystal-clear, though, and picking out individual sounds in a chaotic cacophony is as easy as any headset we’ve tested.

The result is that the sound can feel a little clinical at times, lacking in the natural richness you might hope for.

At £179.99 they’re a bit steep for a wired headset, but at £129.99 they’re well worth snapping up.

And if you want to complete the set, you can also get the excellent ROG Gladius II mouse — that’s not in the Spring Sale, but it is currently almost £20 off list price anyway.

All three work with Asus’ Aura Sync software, so you can set all their glorious RGB lights to sync up with your games and each other.

  • ROG Delta headset, £129.99 from Amazon UK (down from £179.99) – buy it now
  • ROG Claymore mechanical keyboard, £129.99 from Amazon UK (down from £199.99) – buy it now
  • ROG Gladius II mouse, £60.05 from Amazon UK (down from £79.99) – buy it now

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