Aston Martin Rapide E: Stunning all electric car REVEALED – is this the new 007 Bond car?


Aston Martin has finally unveiled its production-ready electric car at the Shanghai Auto Show 2019.

The Rapide E is the first zero-emissions car the manufacturer has ever produced and boasts some exciting specs.

The car is powered by an 800V 65kh battery pack which replaces the classic 6.0-litre V12, gearbox and fuel tank and two rear-mounted electric motors which produce a combined 610PS and 950Nm of torque.

This allows the car to sprint from zero-60mph in under four seconds and on to a top speed of 155mph.

While this may not look super impressive compared to vehicles like the Tesla Model S 100D with Ludicrous Mode which can accelerate from 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds, it does have one trick.

Aston Martin says that “these figures are not restricted to a narrow window of battery charge or climatic conditions, instead, thanks to the cutting-edge 800V architecture, the Rapide E will deliver its performance in a consistent and repeatable way as would be expected from a traditional Aston Martin produce.”

This means that the car will at least be able to be driven consistently as a sports car.

Range is said to be ‘over 200-miles’ on the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) but how far over 200 is yet to be confirmed.

This should be fine for most and if it can deliver the constant performance without too much impact on the battery life then that will be impressive.

The car’s 800V system allows for faster charging of 310 miles of range per hour, using an 800V outlet delivering 100kW or higher.

Its electric powertrain and the chassis across three driving modes – GT, Sport and Sport + – which have been specially selected and tuned to give the real character of driving an Aston.

Speaking ahead of Rapide E’s Shanghai debut, Dr Andy Palmer, President and Group CEO, Aston Martin Lagonda, commented: “Unveiling the Rapide E will be a huge moment for Aston Martin. As our first all-electric production car, it is a truly historic step.

“One that signals Aston Martin is prepared for the huge challenge of an environmentally responsible and sustainable future.

“As a car company we cannot afford to passively allow that future to come to us; we have to actively chase it.

“Only by doing this can we learn and prepare, but also preserve those things we love as drivers and car enthusiasts.

“That’s why it was so important to me that in embracing EV technology we should not let go of those unique qualities that define an Aston Martin. I believe Rapide E embodies that desire and paves the way for a hugely exciting future.”

Production of the car will be strictly limited to 155 units and prices have not yet been provided, but expect them to be high.

Recently it was confirmed that the Aston Martin Rapide E would also be the next James Bond car in the upcoming blockbuster.


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