Asian leaders focus on malaria as region leads the world in fight against the disease


In particular, Malaysia had managed to eradicate the disease for the first the time this year, and China, by coordinating 13 of its ministries, has been clear of indigenous cases for two years running “for the first time in human history”, said Dr Rolfe.

China has succeeded by pioneering the “one-three-seven approach” of identifying cases within a day, following up with treatment within three and investigating the reason for the outbreak within seven, he added.

India too, where millions remain at risk of malaria, had pulled out all the stops in putting a national elimination plan into action, resulting in a 27 per cent decrease in cases in 2017 and a further 23 per cent decrease in 2018.

With a disease that does not respect borders, the APLMA has played a vital role in coordinating government responses.

Next week it will draw senior foreign affairs, defence and finance officials from 23 countries to Bangkok, to discuss priorities for seeing the 2030 goal of eliminating malaria through to the “end game.”


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