Asda is selling a make your own Clyde the Caterpillar cake kit for £3


BAKERS keen to create their own caterpillar cake have just been given an easy option at Asda.

The supermarket is selling a Clyde the Caterpillar cake kit, and it’ll only take 12 minutes to bake, according to Asda.

Asda bake kit
The cake mix is available in Asda stores as well as online

Even better, by only setting you back £3 for a kit that is said to be enough for 10 people, it’s cheaper than buying the ready-made cake.

The cake kit comes with milk chocolate flavoured candy, a cake mix, green sugar paste, chocolate flavoured icing mix as well as decorations.

All you need to add yourself is one egg, 70g of butter and 25ml of milk.

Asda sells its ready-made Clyde the Caterpillar cake big enough for 12 people for £6.

Meanwhile, the popular Colin the Caterpillar cakes at M&S cost £7, but each treat is only enough for 10 people.

The Asda cake mix is available both online and in stores, as spotted by the Money Saver Online group on Facebook.

And users are getting really excited. One said: “OMG you can make your own… and he is called Clyde!!!”

While others said Clyde looked a bit too creepy: “The face on this is gonna haunt my nightmares.. Jesus Christ.”

Cake mix reactions

On Monday, Asda is also rolling out a giant caterpillar cake measuring a whopping 45cm both online and in stores.

The so-called Colossal Clyde feeds 24 people, and it’ll set you back £12.

M&S also does a giant Caterpillar cake, but this is enough for 40 people weighing a total of 2,290g.

Its length is similar to Asda’s at 44cm, but it’ll set you back a whopping £40 as you also get a personalised message.

If you’re not keen on serving up a caterpillar cake for your little one’s birthday, Tesco is selling unicorn fairy and dinosaur bake kits for £2 – just to mention a few.

For Halloween last year, Colin the Caterpillar had a spooky makeover thanks to M&S.

M&S has also launched Colin and Connie the Caterpillar wedding cakes – but it will cost you.

Last week, Asda started selling 100 Jaffa Cakes for just £4.


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