As The Scenes In The Camberwell Stabbings Unfold, We Ask When Will Police Take Back Control Of Our Streets?


WHEN will the police regain control of our streets?

The scene on a South London estate, after a multiple stabbing in broad daylight, looks like a shot from a particularly grisly horror movie.

SWNS:South West News Service As the scenes in the Camberwell multiple stabbing unfold, we ask: ‘When will police take back control of our streets?’

Crime in London is on an extraordinary rise and yet nobody seems willing to take responsibility.

The Mayor points at the Met and the Government, the Government point at the Mayor and the Met, and the Met point at the Government and the Mayor.

Somebody, at some point, has to grasp the severity of the situation and do something about it.

It’s a similar story across the rest of the country, with too many forces seemingly spending more time on nonsense social media campaigns than getting out on the street.

Getty Images – Getty The Mayor, the Met and the Government all point at each other – but somebody, at some point, has to do something about this domestic crisis

Where were they when a 93-year-old woman was mugged in Oldham this week?

Everybody, from the Prime Minister down, needs to focus on what is turning into a domestic crisis.

Too many kids are dying. Too many gangs are thriving. And too many crimes are going unpunished. The first job of any Government is to keep the public safe.

Has this one forgotten that?

Fury as 100-year-old pensioner Zofija Kaczan dies after being mugged on her way to church Euge blunder

THE taxpayer shouldn’t be picking up the tab for unnecessary security at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

She may be a royal, but she is delusional if she thinks her wedding is on a par with Harry and Meghan’s.

Getty – Contributor If Eugenie has an ounce of self-awareness she will scale back her wedding plans or have her relatives pick up the tab

The insistence on an open-top procession through Windsor, and the security that goes along with it, is extraordinary.

If she has an ounce of self-awareness she will scale it back or have her not-exactly-skint relatives pick up the tab.

The whole episode is yet another own goal from the royals’ hapless PR team, who are turning self-inflicted wounds into an art form.

We wish Eugenie and Jack every happiness — but not at our expense.

Princess Eugenie describes ‘perfect moment’ she was proposed to by fiance Jack Brooksbank A tax brake

IT would be nice to hear, just once in a while, the Tory party talk about cutting taxes rather than inventing them.

Regardless of the merits of the proposed Plastic Tax, this Government has an annoying habit of thinking up new ways to raid the country’s pockets.

Rex Features As we approach Brexit, the Government should embrace tax-cutting – like President Trump has



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