As online quiz creator releases a book compilation, here are some of her cleverest questionnaires


MILLIONS of us have taken one of Rachel McMahon’s online quizzes to find out what our tastes and choices say about us.

Now her tests have been turned into a book. Emily Fairbairn picks out some favourites for you to try . . .

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Rachel McMahon is the genius behind many of our favourite personality quizzes, including one that proves that if you like hamsters and cheesecake, you belong in Kim Kardashian’s family[/caption]

Which kind of dinosaur are you?


Will you be a Pterodactyl or a Tyrannosaurus rex? Or how about a Stegosaurus?[/caption]

1. Choose a stack of food:

a. Cookies

b. Bacon

c. Waffles

d. Pancakes

2. Choose a snack:

a. Cheese and crackers

b. Mozzarella sticks

c. Popcorn

d. Fruit

3. Choose a character from The Flintstones:

a. Wilma Flintstone

b. Fred Flintstone

c. Barney Rubble

d. Betty Rubble

4. Choose a fictional place:

a. Hogwarts

b. Gotham City

c. The Emerald City

d. Neverland

5. Choose a fictional creature:

a. Dragon

b. The Loch Ness monster

c. Pegasus

d. Fairy

6. Choose a superpower you wish you had:

a. Ability to fly

b. Superstrength

c. Mind control

d. Invisibility

7. Choose an animal:

a. Owl  b. Wolf  c. Rhino  d. Giraffe


Mostly As – Pterodactyl. You’re determined, and you don’t let anyone hold you down.

Mostly Bs – Tyrannosaurus rex. You’re strong and powerful.

Mostly Cs – Stegosaurus. You’re often overlooked, but you’re fierce and passionate.

Mostly Ds – Brontosaurus. You’re gentle and caring.

Based on your opinion of these celebs, how will you become famous?

How do you feel about:

1. Tom Hanks?

a. Like  b. Dislike  c. Neutral

2. Justin Bieber?

a. Like  b. Dislike  c. Neutral

3. Harrison Ford?

a. Like  b. Dislike  c. Neutral

4. Donald Trump?

a. Like  b. Dislike  c. Neutral

5. Jennifer Aniston?

a. Like  b. Dislike  c. Neutral

Mostly As – you’ll become famous by saving someone’s life.

Mostly Bs – you’ll become famous by directing a hit film.

Mostly Cs – you’ll become famous on YouTube.

Which famous family do you belong in?


Your preferences on breakfast food, pets and films reveal which famous family you should be a part of[/caption]

1. Choose a breakfast food:

a. Some form of eggs

b. Fruit and yoghurt

c. Pancakes

2. Choose a food for lunch:

a. Chicken and potatoes

b. Salad

c. Tacos

3. Choose something for dinner:

a. Steak and fries

b. Spaghetti

c. Sloppy Joe

4. Choose a pet:

a. Cat

b. Hamster

c. Dog

5. Choose a film:

a. Any Marvel movie

b. A romantic comedy

c. Any Disney film

6. Choose a board game:

a. The Game Of Life

b. Monopoly

c. Candy Land

7. Choose somewhere to visit:

a. New York

b. France

c. Hawaii

8. Choose a dessert:

a. Cookies

b. Cheesecake

c. Brownie

9. Choose a TV show family to be a part of:

a. The Simpsons

b. Modern Family

c. Full House

Mostly As – the Beckhams. It’s a family of love, sports and happiness.

Mostly Bs – the Kardashians. It’s a family of love, drama and fun times.

Mostly Cs – the Obamas. It’s a family of love, hard work and time spent together.

Based on your colour choices, we will guess your current mood…

Choose a colour that reminds you of the word:

1. Sweet:

a. Purple  b. Pink  c. Red

2. Hate:

a. Dark red  b. Orange  c. Black

3. Success:

a. Gold  b. Green  c. Yellow

4. News:

a. Yellow  b. Blue  c. White

5. Family:

a. Green  b. Red  c. Blue

6. Healthy:

a. Light pink  b. Red  c. Brown

7. Career:

a. Purple  b. Orange  c. Green

Mostly As – relaxed

Mostly Bs – giddy

Mostly Cs – irritated

Choose some films to reveal what people love about you


If you’re more of a Shining fan you could be seen as a hard-worker by your friends[/caption]

1. Choose an action film:

a. The Fast And The Furious

b. Avengers: Infinity War

c. The Terminator

d. Taken

2. Choose a horror film:

a. The Conjuring

b. Paranormal Activity

c. It

d. The Shining

3. Choose a romantic film:

a. The Notebook

b. Pretty Woman

c. Me Before You

d. Dirty Dancing

4. Choose a Pixar film:

a. The Incredibles

b. Monsters, Inc.

c. Finding Nemo

d. Up

5. Choose a Disney Princess film:

a. Pocahontas

b. Aladdin

c. Beauty And The Beast

d. The Little Mermaid

Mostly As – you’re a leader and people respect you.

Mostly Bs – you’re hilarious and make people laugh.

Mostly Cs – you always look for the best in people.

Mostly Ds – you’re a hard worker.

Which chocolate bar are you?

1. Which best describes you?

a. Driven

b. Casual

c. Energetic

d. Unique

2. Which is your favourite animal?

a. Tiger  b. Dog  c. Goat  d. Turtle

3. Which is your favourite pasta dish?

a. I don’t like pasta

b. Spaghetti and meatballs

c. Macaroni cheese

d. Lasagne

4. Which is your favourite kind of potatoes?

a. Mash

b. French fries

c. Hash browns

d. Crisps

5. Which is your favourite sport?

a. Rugby

b. Cricket

c. Basketball

d. Hockey

Mostly As – Mars Bar. You’re very motivated, whether it be in terms of money or something else.

Mostly Bs – Cadbury Dairy Milk. You like a simple life.

Mostly Cs – Aero. You’re active and prefer to be busy.

Mostly Ds – Crunchie. You have particular taste and you trust your own opinion more than anyone’s.

Which game show are you destined to be on?

Describe yourself and see which game show you should definitely go on

1. Choose a board game:

a. The Game Of Life

b. Monopoly

c. Risk

d. Pictionary

2. Choose a video game:

a. Mario Kart

b. Super Smash Bros

c. Call Of Duty

d. Fortnite

3. Choose a game app:

a. Words With Friends

b. Candy Crush Saga

c. Angry Birds

d. Cut The Rope

4. Choose a word to describe yourself:

a. Fun  b. Determined  c. Daring  d. Logical

5. Choose the most important thing to you:

a. Family   b. Intelligence   c. Life experiences  d. Money

6. Choose a TV network:

a. Sky One  b. BBC1  c. Channel 4  d. ITV

Mostly As – Family Fortunes

Mostly Bs – Wheel Of Fortune

Mostly Cs – Deal Or No Deal

Mostly Ds – The Price Is Right

  • © Rachel McMahon 2019. Extracted from What Kind Of Quiz Book Are You?, published by Simon & Schuster on July 2 at £12.99.


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