As a third of Brits admit to spying on lovers, take our quiz and see if you have got 007 skills to snoop on your partner


WOULD you snoop on a partner if you suspected they were cheating?

If so, you are not alone. More than a third of us have spied on our other halves by checking their phone or stalking them online.

More than a third of suspicious Britons admit spying on their partners’ phones or social media to see if they are cheating

And spurned spouses are using the incriminating information they find as grounds for divorce.

A survey of 2,000 people found that four in ten people check their partner’s phone at least once a week.

Incredibly, one in five men say they wait until their other half is asleep before using the sleeper’s fingerprint to unlock their phone.

More than half of the snoopers have found damning evidence — and 45 per cent have ended a relationship.

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A survey of 2,000 people found that four in ten people check their partner’s phone at least once a week[/caption]

So how far would you go to unearth the truth?

Take Georgette Culley and Nick Pritchard’s spy quiz to see if you have got 007 snooping skills — or whether you would rather Live And Let Die when it comes to rumours.

1.Your partner leaves their phone on the dining room table and a message pops up from a person you don’t recognise, do you:

A) Make a mental note of the name but don’t read the message?

B) Morph into Alan Turing and crack the phone’s security code so you can devour the message?

C) Stealthily swipe the phone and take it to boffins at the phone shop to get it unlocked?

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Lawyers say more people are now using incriminating information found by snooping as grounds for divorce[/caption]

2. You suspect your partner is cheating but you don’t have any evidence, do you:

A) Monitor their grooming habits: Have they got a new spray tan? Do their teeth look suddenly whiter? Have they joined a gym?

B) Hack into their social media accounts and add a tracker to their car?

C) Set up a honey trap, hiring an actor who looks like their celebrity crush to seduce them?

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One in five men say they wait until their other half is asleep before using the sleeper’s fingerprint to unlock their phone[/caption]

3. Your partner is late home from work and isn’t answering their phone, do you:

A) Check their Instagram stories, Facebook feed and Snapchat – after all, they could be with pals, right?

B) Use a Find My Phone app and turn up at their location?

C) Find out who their work colleagues are and call them to try to catch your partner out?

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Relationship experts warned spying breached trust and was a sign of controlling behaviour[/caption]

4. Your partner keeps commenting on the saucy snaps of someone on Instagram you suspect they are cheating with, do you:

A) Keep an eye on the comments and bring up the account in conversation?

B) DM your suspected love rival and introduce yourself as the other half, sending loved-up snaps of both of you?

C) Log into your partner’s Instagram account and block the other person so they disappear from their digital world?

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45 per cent of the snoopers that found damning evidence ended the relationship[/caption]

5. Your partner keeps mentioning someone at work and you suspect they are more than just colleagues, do you:

A) Stalk them on social media until your fingers fall off?

B) Contact other work colleagues and quiz them on the “working” relationship?

C) Invite the colleague over –  and interrogate them until they crack?

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What would you do if your partner has a sudden trip to Paris?[/caption]

6. Your partner has a sudden work trip to Paris, do you:

A) Rip open their bank statements so you can see if their story stacks up.

B) Surprise them by booking a last-minute Eurostar ticket so you can join them on the trip?

C) Secretly follow them to Paris, disguised with a beret, big shades and a bushy, black moustache.

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Six in 10 of participants indicated sexting should be considered as cheating[/caption]

7. Your partner has suddenly gone off sex, do you:

A) Book a dirty weekend away to spice things up?

B) Scroll through their search history to see if they have been buying any saucy gifts for a secret lover?

C) Ply them with vodka martinis and suggest strip poker to turn their Dr No into Dr Now?

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Women and younger generations are more likely to snoop, compared to men and older adults[/caption]

8. Your partner no longer wants you to do their laundry, do you:

A) Sneak a peek in their washing basket to see if you can find any suspicious stains?

B) Purchase a fidelity-testing kit that can detect trace amounts of DNA?

C) Hire a divorce lawyer on the sly and demand the ring back? Turns out, diamonds are not forever.



You want to give your partner the benefit of the doubt but you are naturally nosey.

Unlike more sophisticated spies though, you will only snoop if the opportunity arises.

You want to trust them, but be careful if you continue spying – you may not like what you find.


You are suspicious and desperate to find out if your partner is doing the dirty on you.

You must find out fast and think state-of-the-art technology will help you. From tracking devices to spy apps, you will use every trick going.


You’re on a mission to bust the cheat but the truth may leave you shaken, and stirred. Nothing, and we mean nothing, will get in your way.

You’ll use Q-style technology, covert tracking and will even trek to exotic locations to catch the baddie.

But beware, you could ruin a good relationship by being so untrusting.


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