Armoured Volvo SUV can protect against gunfire, explosives and even has a secret escape route


VOLVO has long held a reputation for producing some of the safest models on the road.

But its latest motor has taken that position to the extreme.

The £450,000 XC90 Armoured is capable of withstanding gunfire and explosions

The Swedish manufacturing giant recently revealed a 4.5-tonne motor – named the XC90 Armoured – which is capable of withstanding gunfire and explosions.

A product of the Volvo Cars Special Vehicles unit, it even has a secret escape route in the middle of the back seat in case of an emergency.

The heavily-armoured vehicle is made with 10mm-thick reinforced steel and 50mm deep bullet-proof windows.

The modified XC90 is also equipped with a deafening horn and fire suppression system under the hood to help extinguish any potential flames.

The Volvo boasts a secret escape hatch that can be used during emergencies to exit the vehicle

But the specialised motor doesn’t come cheap, with a price tag of £450,000.

The armoured vehicle is based on the standard XC90 design so its military-style reinforcements are completely hidden from other drivers.

And it’s the first Volvo to be awarded a VR8 protection rating from the European ballistics-proof certification body, meaning it offers 360-degree protection from AK-47 fire.

Stephan Green, marketing director at Volvo Cars Special Vehicles, said: “Production is classified, with stringent procedures and oversight in place in order to attain the stipulated ballistic requirements.

“Production is carried out with extreme diligence, which is imperative in order to fulfill the exceptionally high requirements placed on this class of security product.

The body of the car is made up of 10mm-thick reinforced steel and has 50mm bullet-proof windows


“We strive to ensure that the car retains its properties despite the extensive armouring.

“The armour is fitted discreetly to make the car barely distinguishable from a standard XC90.

“Every customer also has their own unique requirements, which we satisfy by means of customised production.”

Last month, we revealed the best armoured state cars used by some of the world’s most famous leaders.



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