Apple Card credit card ‘getting UK release in autumn 2019’ with 2% cashback on every purchase, top expert predicts


APPLE’S new credit card could arrive in the UK as soon as autumn this year, a top expert has predicted.

The Apple Card – which was announced last night – is a no-fee virtual card with “low interest rates” and 2% cashback on every purchase.

The Apple Card is a virtual credit card that lives on your iPhone

Apple unveiled the surprise product alongside a new Netflix-style TV service called Apple TV+, a News+ magazine subscription, and a paid-for video gaming bundle called Apple Arcade.

But the surprise hit of the night was the Apple Card, a credit card built into Apple Pay that lets you make contactless payments.

The US-only card is also available in physical form, as an optional titanium chip-and-pin card.

However, a top industry expert told The Sun that it’s likely the UK will get Apple Card later this year.

Youll also be able to get a physical version of the card for non-contactless payments
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The app lets you track your spending across categories

“We believe this card will be hitting the UK by the fall timeframe as Apple’s goal is to monetise the financial backbone of its massive installed base around the world,” Dan Ives, of Wedbush Securities, told The Sun.

“Europe is a laser focus of Cook and Apple on this front over the coming years,” the expert analyst added.

Sadly, Apple hasn’t actually confirmed plans to launch Apple Card internationally.

But the card is proving massively popular, with Google search interest on Apple Card higher than for Apple TV, Apple News and Apple Arcade.

Apple Card Google
Apple Card proved to be the favourite of last nights announcements, according to Google Trends, which tracks search interest
The Sun / Google Trends

We spoke to another industry expert who isn’t surprised by the interest.

“It was the only piece of physical hardware unveiled at the event and it felt like the titanium Apple Card with laser etched name and no numbers or CCV could become a cult, must have item in US wallets and purses,” said Ben Wood, a top tech analyst at CCS Insight, speaking to The Sun.

“There is little doubt there will be plenty of UK iPhone owners who will be desperate to get their hands on one.”

Apple Card – the key facts

Here's what you need to know…

  • The Apple Card is a virtual credit card built into the Wallet app on your iPhone
  • It launches in the USA this summer and promises low interest, no fees, improved privacy and security, and a simple application process
  • You sign up to the Apple Card on your iPhone in minutes, and can start using it immediately in stores
  • You’ll get real-time views of your latest transactions and balance in Wallet, and can contact customer support 24/7 by texting in Messages
  • Apple Card will use machine learning and Apple Maps to label your transactions, colour coding them into categories
  • You’ll also earn ‘Daily Cash’, which is 2% cashback on any purchase (or 3% on Apple products)
  • The credit card has no annual, late, international or over-the-limit fees, and has interest rates varying between roughly 13% and 24% APR
  • A unique card number is created on iPhone, and stored securely on a special chip inside the device
  • Every purchase is authorised with Face ID or Touch ID, and Apple can’t see where you’ve shopped, what you’ve bought or how much you’ve paid
  • The issuing bank for the card is Goldman Sachs, and Mastercard will be handling credit card transactions on its global payments network
  • Apple is also offering a (physical, non-contactless) titanium Apple Card for shopping at locations that don’t accept Apple Pay (but cashback is reduced to 1%)

Ben said that the physical card “could become a status symbol”, and would help “lock in” users to the iPhone.

Apple aims to tempt iPhone owners onto the credit card with a 2% cashback offer on every purchase – rising to 3% if you’re spending with Apple itself.

And you’ll be able to reclaim this money through Daily Cash, which lives inside the Wallet app and can be spent on anything – or sent to anyone.

The amount of Daily Cash you can earn is unlimited, to boot.

Ben described it as “attractive…but not dramatically different” to other credit cards.

Apple is expected to launch the Apple Card in the summer.


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The tech firm also recently showed off some new iMac computers with upgraded processors and graphics.

And there’s even some new Apple AirPods available to buy.

Are you tempted by the Apple Card? Let us know in the comments!

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