Antiques Roadshow expert issues warning for rare diary worth £30,000: 'Don't do that!'


    Those watching at home saw the owner of the rare item continue: “They then made a journey in the lifeboats to elephant island and then Shackleton and five others sailed to south Georgia as a rescue party and they got a ship to come and take all the other men off. “So all the other men actually survived the expedition which is incredible.” 

    Richard added: “It is a phenomenal tale and The Endurance – the name of the ship – is so appropriate isn’t it? 

    “Because he set said pretty much the day the war broke out and King George IV said ‘no off you go’ and raised the flag for the country down there and they got back before etc end of the war – which everybody thought was going to finish by Christmas of course. 

    “And it’s rather sad that some of those crew members then went into active service and were killed, having been three years down in Antartica,” he added. 

    The expert then wanted to delve into the diary and read some of its contents. 


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