Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer act Akshat Singh angers Britain’s Got Talent viewers as they discover his past TV fame


BRITAIN’s Got Talent fans raged on Twitter tonight after they discovered Ant & Dec’s Golden Buzzer act is already a telly star.

Simon Cowell was left speechless after watching Akshat from Mumbai, India, pump up the crowd with his energetic dance routine and feel good catch-phrase.

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He’s originally from Mumbai, India, and currently lives there with his parents[/caption]

He told the judges “I have two mottos in life – to make everyone happy and to show everyone that nothing is impossible” and received a standing ovation from tearful Amanda Holden and Aleesha Dixon.

But at just 13 years of age, Britain’s Got Talent isn’t actually Akshat’s first TV appearance – and viewers were left scrathing their heads when they realised they recognised him.

He’s actually a well-known Indian dancer who came into the spotlight by showing his funky moves in the Bengali dance reality show: Dance Bangla Dance.

He then took part in India’s reality show India’s Got Talent and became an overnight sensation.

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To make his audition even more impressive, Akshat managed to do the box splits towards the end of his act[/caption]

Akshat also appeared on the American talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Fans were not impressed with the “unfair” advantage as one said: “You’d be gutted if you had queued for hours an hours to get nowhere near a judge because youre not already semi famous. Farcical show”

Another wrote: “The kids bloody already famous! Recognise him as soon as I see him wasn’t even that good to be given the golden buzzer”

Another said: “what a waste of Ant and Decs Golden Buzzer. A movie star etc saw him do same routine on Ellen last year. As usual the seem to think the great viewing public are dim and can’t spot a plant act.”

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Akshat wowed the crowd with his energetic performance[/caption]

Akshat currently lives there with his parents.

Akshat fires his act off by dancing to native Indian music while proud mum watches from the audience.

Once Nicki Minaj’s music came on, his dancing became explosive and made everyone excited to witness his moves.

To make his audition even more impressive, Akshat managed to do the box splits towards the end of his act.


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