Animals dig up and EAT newborn baby after girl was buried alive by her mum who gave birth in backyard


A NEWBORN baby was eaten by animals after it was buried alive by its young mother in Brazil, according to reports.

A forensics examination showed that the child’s heart, lungs and entrails had been feasted on after it was left in a shallow grave in Camocim in the north east of the country.

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A baby was eaten by animals after being buried alive by its mother. Pictured is the police station in Brazil where the arrested woman was quizzed[/caption]

Officials said the mother Raimunda Nonata Laurindo da Silveira, 24, had tried to hide her pregnancy before giving birth in her own back garden.

Abortion is illegal in Brazil except in cases where there is no other way to save the mum’s life or if the pregnancy is the result of rape.

Antonio Veras Nogueira, a spokesman for the Centre of Forensics Examinations, confirmed the little girl had died of suffocation before its dead body had been eaten by insects, reports Globo.

He said: “She died of suffocation, sand was found in the windpipe, then she was eaten by the bugs.”


However, he added that the baby’s uncle had also found a pig and a dog “around the baby” – after apparently digging up the remains.

Reports say neighbours then heard the cries of a baby in the garden and began looking for the tot.

The mother’s brother is said to have found his sister covered in blood and he followed the trail of blood to a shallow grave where he found the child.

Local media say the baby was found without vital signs and had wounds seemingly inflicted by animals eating her body.

Mr Nogueira added that “in the examination, the newborn no longer had viscera, nor a heart or lungs.”

The mother has been arrested and officials said the woman claims she buried the baby because she thought the little girl had died after she stopped crying, reports local media.

She said wanted to abort the girl as she already had two children, one of whom had been put up for adoption.

Police sources said the mother had drunk boldo tea – a herb which is toxic to pregnant women – to try and abort her child.

The investigation is ongoing and it is unclear if the mother has been charged.

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