‘Angry’ dad’s fury at terrorist group sharing same name as his 10-year-old daughter (but she doesn’t seem bothered)


A FURIOUS father has expressed his anger over his daughter sharing the same name as the terrorist group Isis.

Appearing on Channel 4’s How The Other Kids Live, 10-year-old Isis from Bristol was originally named after an Egyptian goddess before the title became associated with terrorism.

Channel 4

Isis’ parents object to the acronym being used to describe the terrorist group[/caption]

However, Isis’ parents revealed why they have refused to change their daughter’s name on tonight’s instalment of the television experiment.

Isis’ father Tim said: “I quite object to the terrorist group being called Isis because they’re not called Isis.

“That’s just a name we’ve made up [as an acronym] in our language.”

While the terrorist group actually refers to itself as “Daesh” as well as “ash-Shām”, the acronym ISIS has been used by Western leaders to easily describe the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” in recent years.

Channel 4

Despite her unusual name, ‘independent’ Isis doesn’t seem too bothered about sharing a name with a terrorist group[/caption]

Channel 4

The 10-year-old girl from Bristol was originally named Isis after an Egyptian goddess[/caption]


But despite her parents’ anger, Isis herself doesn’t seem too bothered by her unusual choice of name.

Describing herself as an “independent” character who “likes doing my own thing”, Isis appears appears on the new Channel 4 experiment which brings together children from different backgrounds for play dates at their respective homes.

Since her mum and dad divorced five years ago, Isis’ parents have had equal custody over her.

When asked why her parents split, Isis joked: “Daddy gets angry at things that you shouldn’t really get angry at, like my granny cutting the bread too thick.”

How The Other Kids Live airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

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