Android UPDATE: 'Dangerous' Google Play Store apps used by MILLIONS, are YOU affected?


Android users are being warned about “dangerous” permissions that popular Google Play Store apps are asking for.

Android is one of the most used pieces of software in the world, with the Google mobile OS running on over two billion devices each and every month.

The huge Android userbase has been subject to some high-profile security scares, with the Judy malware arguably the biggest in recent times.

This was feared to have left over 36million Android devices infected by dozens of apps found on the Google Play Store.

And now Android fans are once again being put on alert about a shock security issue they need to be aware of.

VPNs are big business, offering a service that gives those on public networks extra privacy and security.

But experts have claimed that over half of VPN apps for Android ask users for “dangerous” permissions.

Out of 81 apps downloaded from the Google Play Store, 62 per cent required dangerous permissions from Android users according to research.

A dangerous permission “could potentially affect user’s privacy or the device’s normal operation” and “the user must explicitly agree to grant those permissions”.

The study was conducted by The Best VPN and revealed in a post online.

Android apps that asked for “dangerous” permissions included those downloaded millions of times from the Google Play Store.

Outlining the research from The Best VPN, John Mason wrote: “Many of the VPN apps reviewed in this study ask for permissions that are not needed for a VPN to function.

“Some permissions are fairly harmless. Like the ability to cause the phone to vibrate or push app notifications.

“However others are more suspicious. While these permissions can be used for benign purposes, they also have the ability to compromise the user’s privacy.”

The study advised: “When selecting and installing a VPN app on Android, paying attention to permissions is important.

“Read the description and think about whether the app really needs the ability to record you in order to provide a VPN service.

“Some of the apps from the biggest companies turned out to be the most suspicious in this study, so you can’t just trust the big names.”

A number of the apps that The Best VPN said were asking for “dangerous” permissions have been downloaded millions of times from the Google Play Store.

Click here to be directed to The Best VPN website to read the full list of apps allegedly asking for such permissions.

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