Andi Peters breaks down in tears after unexpected reunion on Lorraine: 'Oh my word!'


    Ria Hebden joined Andi for his first show hosting Lorraine and revealed she had some surprises from his past. She welcomed Emma Forbes who presented Live & Kicking with Andi onto the show via video link from Long Island.

    Live & Kicking voiceover, Mitch, announced: “It’s our mate and your fabulous TV wife, it’s only Emma Forbes. Hey! Good morning Emma!”

    As Andi’s ‘TV Wife’ Emma appeared on the screen, he gasped and could be seen open-mouthed as he took in the surprise.

    “Good morning Mitch! Good morning Andi!” Emma exclaimed.

    “It’s really early. You talk about needing a nap, I’ve got up at 3.30am in the morning for you.”

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    Laughing Andi replied: “Oh Emma this is amazing! I’m slightly overwhelmed because she is my dearest.”

    Before he could continue, Andi could be seen taking a deep breath as he fought back tears.

    “I’ll start crying,” Emma added. “I’ve got the tissues at the ready.

    “It’s so great Andi and I’ve got to tell you, lucky audience to watch you because quite frankly, they’re going to have the best two weeks ever.

    “Andi, who could forget the interview with the band that never spoke?”

    She continued: “Andi and I had to do things, and he’s much more adventurous than me and we had to do things like open a ride at Thorpe Park and film.

    “I couldn’t open my eyes for the entire ride so Andi held my hand for the entire ride while I just screamed solidly through the whole VT.”

    As the pair reminisced, it was clear Andi was still taken aback from the surprise reunion.


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